Barnes & Noble produces constantly dancing and keyboard cover for the latest Nook


The Nook record Nook 10.1 ", which sold for $ 129.99, appeared the Bookseller Barnes & Noble this month, which was sold last week, and accordingly Type eReader its company has a & # 39; Provide two useful first-time resources: a cross dock and a keyboard.

These are the first official elections released by Barnes & Noble for Nook tools, although there have been docks and third party baggage for years. This new burial duck will be sold for $ 34.95, and a & # 39; keep up the Nook to look at the land. The latest Nook online content is more than just a reading device – it will be connected to Google Play Store, so you can use it to watch movies, take turns, or listen to audio books while & # 39; it is connected and sent. You need to provide your own carbox and your own cabins.

Image: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble also sells Smart Folio Cover and Keyboard, which is a. Connect the machine with magnets, and turn off the display when it closed. It comes with an accessible cnap, and so you can work from the machine from any angle. He'll sell for $ 39.95.

Given that this table is an Android tablet with the Barnes & Noble brand, it should be more useful for customers who like those who want to make their device slightly larger than just the booklet to read better.

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