Baseball "Leig Zhang Taishan retired to invite Fan Yichen to play a very funny threat – Zhongshi News


Zhang Taishan was in attendance at the restaurant at his house, today's brigade company (21st). On December 15, he holds a sermon in the Taitung University football park. It shows that not only players are present, but the singer, Fan Yichen, will be bless him. "On the other hand, he will not be able to go home at New Year's time." Zhang Taishan said promptly.

Zhang Taishan said he was staying well near Fan Yichen town. "As he is now going home, he has to go through my house. I can not do it on a day of retirement, or I can not go home." Then Zhang Taishan explained with a smile, Fan Yichen, if he does not want to be in the body, or if he has not been rejected.

As well as Fan Yichen, "Baseball Star" football is run by Peng Chacha at Zhang Taishan on a rescue day. Also, Fu Bangjun will be shows Jiang Zhixian, Zhang Zhengwei and the overseas players Hu Zhiwei and Lin Ziwei on the same day. Regardless of whether there is another VIP on the day, Zhang Taishan secretly said: "Indeed, there are others, but this is astonishing at the day."

Zhang Taishan said he had already surrendered in the retirement competition. He would not shout through the service to retire in December. He hoped to enjoy the & # 39; grass show. "I am now an ambassador of" Mini Baseball "promotion and he will retire. The ritual will involve the interaction with children and spending with friends. "

Zhang Taishan hearing session will be held at the University of Taitung Football Park. He said: "I have left a lot of records in the Taichung football park and played in Taichung for more than 10 years. There's a lot of memories in my place, so I chose to retire here."

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