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Zhang Taishan, a newly resigned Chinese sports star, has recently participated in the Autumn Training Conference in Yokohama, Japan. After returning to Taiwan on the 20th, he said that the Japanese business has got a lot, and the most important "focus and investment".

After Zhang Taishan completed a Straits Cup at the end of September, he joined the Japanese professional football team, Yokohama DeNA, as a host coach. Zhang Taishan showed that the interaction with Álex Ramírez was the most important thing about this trip to Japan. The person who came to be & # 39; Talk to me to manage Ramirez. He said he checked my recordings and found out that our attitude was very similar. Even the translation was very frightening. The two things we talked about were like this. "Zhang Tai said.

Zhang Taishan said that the biggest benefit of the tour was the huge investments of the players during the customs. He said: "Everyone is very focussed. Players are only responsible for using the member. The most important thing is, but the level of All the coaches take immediate motion, and the players talk about it. This is the best place to learn. "

Zhang Taishan had a great deal of feeling about the Yokohama team's training. The biggest words were the words; He had the words that Yokohama guides. He said: "As long as I have a good coach, I do not have to worry because I do not need to control other things. Because the coach is treated very well."

Zhang Taishan has benefited greatly from this time. He invited Ramirez to exchange exchange instructions with Taiwan. He hopes to allow Ramirez to come to Taiwan at the end of next year. I am Believe that the two players up to 4 thousand amps interact with each other. It will be amazing.

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