Basel: Female (75) trying Bub († 7) along the pavement


The Horror Act of Basel: A 75-year-old woman is standing seven years on her way home from school. The teacher made an attempt to assist the basic student – in vain.

Horror back home from school: A 7-year-old boy was thrown back after school at 12:30 clock near Gotthelf Schoolhouse!

He was traveling alone on the well and was very badly wounded at the attack. The class teacher found a child, who was also on their way home to their bicycle, the injured child. Immediately, emergency services were notified.

But the help came too long: the ambulance and the paramedics tried to move it. In University Hospital, the boy did not work – shortly afterwards he died of serious injuries.

According to the television channel Kosovar Klan Kosova, the victim is a boy of Kosovar roots. The family should come from the town of Lipjan.

She is 75-year-old female arrested

After the bloody activity, immediate investigation began. The police learned that an "old woman" had moved away from view. Shortly after that, a 75 year-old woman, aged 75, turned to the procurator fiscal. She said she had attacked her baby. The woman was arrested.

A spokesperson for the police Peter Gill did not comment on the information. "His wife is being examined, we can't say that any more." Gill only mentioned that the massacre was a "throwing machine".

Why did the attack come?

Witnesses reported witnesses "the Basler Zeitung" to the effect that the child "in the throat area" was wounded and injured in a "large blood pool".

Basel means the big crime. At the scene, people have planted lots of flowers and lit candles. Also, children's and animal photographs are completed.

Journalist from the Basel news site "" spoke to three school boys at the scene. “When someone told us about the event after school, we didn't believe it first. Later, when we were playing an outdoor basketball, our parents came to us and told us. “The sacrifices did not personally know them, the three teenagers were young. "When I think I'm coming out every day – I would have met any of us," said Florentin.

For this period, it does not seem that the school involved has a regular scholarship. “The School Psychology Service will be running classes on a Friday morning and will initially work with the students and teachers," said Simon Thiriet, spokesperson for the Education Department.

The background to the truth is terrible: Why did he come to the attack? What actually happened? Residents report to about a dispute they had heard. Whether the person who committed the crime and the child knew. It is decided by the Criminal Police and the Legal Medicines Institute. The prosecution's police officer is looking for witnesses. (Pma / noo / neo)

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