BASF will stop the production of TDI in Ludwigshafen due to low water


The long-term disaster this year presents problems for the main BASF network. As a result of water shortage in the Rhine, a chemical company now preventing & # 39; making the toluene diisocyanate (TDI) plastic product in Ludwigshafen. TDI is a server on plastic representation.

"The restart of the plant is dependent on an improvement beyond Rhine level," said its company. Although BASF uses all other options – line-pipes, truck and train – all raw materials were not moved to Ludwigshafen. At the main field, BASF will have a & # 39; carry 40% of the material by boat.

The single-billion TDI floor has not been running since July 2018. The construction of its largest single-scale project to date in the BASF 153-year history has been delayed and it was much more expensive than planned.

The low water level affected business this year, it was said fortnightly. In the third quarter alone, its company sent the active product of around 50 million of its products; lower than lower due to higher transport costs and product loss.

As a result of the low water, BASF Chief Executive Martin Brudermüller wants to discuss the effects "If the amount of water is running, it will only get smaller, which would require locks and dams, "he said to the Tagesspiegel newspaper. "We need to consider such investments in infrastructure," said the chief executive from May. The company never had such a summer in the BASF history.

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