BASHMUBURBI at the hospitality and hospitality workshop


Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Department of Tourism and Tourism Administration at the University of Science and Technology delivered a workshop on developing professional skills, motivation and advice. His workshop was held at the university's academic building at 5pm on Tuesday.

Vice-Chancellor of the University attended the workshop as the keynote guest, with Bashmubirbabi Tourism presiding over and President of the Hospitality Regulation Department of Taslam Ahmed. Khandaker Nasiruddin and the convener of the ACE Center attended the event including others, MD, Aani Center, Samanjar Khan, DMD Serfehnaj Khan, Director Ayesha Khan, Head of Hospitality Nazrul Islam and Head of Uphin Ashraf Business Development.

The workshop was also attended by teachers and students from different sectors with tourism management and hospitality.

The workshop speakers gave importance, opportunities and opportunities for tourism and hospitality issues in local and international areas, and managed how a successful career student could complete by completing his / her education.

The shop's headmaster Taslim Ahmed said, 'We will always try to ensure that the students have the highest standard. Each of them requires technical education as well as technical education, and that's why we offer our students short courses at the ACE Center. With thanks to the ACE Center, we will continue to build on our activities in the future to help us.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Nasmanuddin Khandaker, said, "The Tourism and Hospitality Administration is one of the most promising events in the world today with the launch of this academic year 2016-17. students from beyond and beyond through the field and fieldwork by conducting their research in this sector.

The AKS Khan Center of Excellence in Excellence (ACE) was supported in the wider program. At the time, 52 students from the Bashmemurbiprabi Tourism and Hospitality Administration Department, from whom had completed qualifications, completed the short course from the ACE Center.

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