Basketball players have come near the European Championship: in Iceland they have made a home choice


Illustrated portrait
Illustrated portrait

REYKJAVÍK – Basque basketball players have a special game for Saturday for the 2019 European Championship in Reykjavik over Iceland's home high 82:52. Petr Kováčik's coach competition has come close to their sixth continuous participation in a European competition, but they still need to cooperate with their. Wednesday home game with Čierna Hora (November 21 at 6pm, Ružomberok).

Slovakia in their single-generation collection of the A group that was particularly at the end. It was anticipated that the opening minutes would be in a fair spirit, since Iceland was "away" on the major powers. The home team Sverrrisdótirová, Petr Kováčik coach, is based on a common co-vision. However, the quality began on a Slide side over time, after the first season given by the 22:14 lead. In the second 10 minutes the difference began to rise, in particular the three Bálintová, Oroszová and Páleníková to look after her; The first dual digital driver of Slovakia in the game – 28:18 in the 14th minute.

Iceland had a better induction in the second half, but their emphasis was short. Although the players did not drop the drama, most of the time with a two-dimensional line was comfortable. They made the move positive at the beginning of their fourth quarter when they put a rod eight points behind them. The oversight was over the 20-point term and the last minutes were only played.

Iceland – Slòcaca 52:82 (31:43)

Most of the Iceland points: H. Sverrisdótirova 20, Kjartansdótirrová 8, B. Gunnarsdóttirová 5 – writing and points SR: Oroszová 17, Bálintová 15, Páleniková 14, Hruščáková 10, Mištinová 4 (Section 10, Jakubcová and Slamová po 4, Mikulášiková and Stašová po 2, Felixová 0), TH: 8/6 – 31/24, fallaidhean: 22-17, Trojans: 8 – 4. They made a decision by: Unsworth, Williams (both V. Brit.), Cziffra (The Hunger)

Patrick Kovacic, Slobhacia coach: "Feelings are very positive because we have the best role to be established. We've been searching for a long-term game, especially in the second half we have been trying, I'm really happy, the product speaks for everything. "

Barbora Bálintová, player of Slobhacia: "There are good feelings, we won 30 points. Although it might seem to have been a light game, but it was not. Iceland was injured, especially in a & # 39, first half and mid-third season. But then we got more protected, we removed them, we got some balls and turned the baskets easily. We're glad we did it. "

Žofia Hruščáková, player of Slobhacia: "We have been successful in this challenging game in Iceland, we've been the best, but we have to prove it." We played a & # 39; game when we did not play it formally, but we have fought on a team fighting and game and we have completed it successfully.

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