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Petr Kováčik coach awards have been able to influence the home on this challenge since November last year.

REYKVAVÍK, November 17 ( – Reykjavik's Swiss Basketball Women's Championship was hitting domestic players in Iceland 82:52 on Saturday meeting of the Competition Awareness Group Europe 2019 to Serbia and Latvia. Petr Kováčik coach awards have been able to impact home this challenge from last November (78:62).

Main home match

Slock has been the best team since its & # 39; opening opening. They have won a fourth victory in their account and have still been at their account; first row in the group. In the last game that will be achieved, on Wednesday, November 21, Fight against home fans in Ružomberok in a game against Montenegro.

The beginning of the basketball meeting was fair. In the second half of the first season, Slovakia broke down with 7 points to 15: 8. The driver even carried out the direction to the end; fourth, ending 22:14. At the beginning of the second part of the game, domestic players reduced to 18:22. After the second poor, she sat on the Sverisdóttira sentence.

To eliminate the best player

The Slovakians benefited from the best player in Iceland and their gradual increase. Orosz went into the block. In the herring 32:18 for the SR, the home coach took over time. Sverisdottiro returned to the game, but Slock officials continued to control the incidents on board. The team was 43:31 in the cleaning room for the benefit of the house.

In the third season they set 15 points. The Schoacchers did not allow their challenges to be reduced, but at the same time they could not come forward. In the last quarter, the players came at 58:46 for the visiting team. The foreword comes to the slogan basketball players, which the opponents lost to 66:46. Slòcaich was involved in the last quarter and then won 82:52.

SR representatives were well-educated technically and mechanically as the opponents. There were up to 31 penalties available while home-only players 8. Two Slovakia doubled two. Sabina Oroszová gave 13 points to 17 points and Žofia Hruščáková received a score of 10 points and 11 concepts.

Basketball – Women's certificate at ME ME-Group:

Iceland – Slòcaca 52:82 (14:22, 17:21, 15:15, 6:24)

Most of the points Sverrisdóttirová 20 points (3 trots), Kjartansdóttirová 8, Gunnarsdottirova 5 – Oroszová 17 (13 reactions), Bálintová 15, Páleníková 14

Game A & A group left:

Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina (20.15)

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