Basketball: Singapore Slayers 77-73 to Formosa Dreamers in the opening of Axis Basketball League, Basketball News & Best Storytelling


SINGAPORE – Singapore Slingers started the Asean Football League campaign 2018-2019 at Asean with a 77-73 defeat that broke down to Formosa speakers at the OCBA Arena Sunday (November 18).

Traveling 19-16, three-people from the Slingers & # 39; Larry Liew sure the two teams got the finish. first season in the 19-19 situation.

However, a series of situations lost by the Slingers were successful over the next two quarters, and at a level were nine points behind Taiwanese licensing.

The Slingers, who were reappointed in 2016 and 2017, were fighting back in the & # 39; last quarter and brought forward a captain from captain Ng Han Bin who put them 69-68 ahead with less than four minutes to go. But the Wreckers decided and finally won 77-73.

The Dreamers, who won only one game in their original season last season, are co-sponsored by the American American Dean of the year and their collection is strengthened by the American exporter Malcolm exporter Miller, Tevin Glass, and William Artino.

Ng, 29, was disappointed with the opening of the opening, but said: "It's still early in the season, anything can happen and this is just something (for us) to & # 39; reflection on.

"We will move on from here and see how we can improve our game and go to our goals (to win its war).

"We lost a lot of easy baskets and I think that has made the difference today.

"We always want to start the season with a win, that's just things that do not happen for a reason.

"We do not have to make any reduction in our capacity (winning the festival)."

The Slingers play the next game on November 21 against the Vampire Mono Basketball Club at Stadium 29 in Bangkok.

There are ten teams in this year's league, with Zhuhai Wolf Warriors as the latest team.

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