"BATO, CHOTHAR MI GUS KILL" The brother broke the sick of both arms, both legs, ass, spoon and lungs! He beat him with the hotel, the ax and the shovel! And this is the reason Icon for Black Chronicle


– They spoke to me with a sick child and they thought they killed him from hitting. The first one was beaten and after a broken spine – says Kurir father Ljubomir Pavlović on Andrija Pavlović (36) from Orašac, suffering from multiple sclerosis, which has been badly hit.

Andrija is on Sunday afternoon, Ljubomir says, "drag" a brother from Petar Mirjacic's sisters (35) to his house, where he was hit with a hole, houses, shovels and ax!

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It was hit up at the intense care unit of the Emergency Center in Belgrade and is in a bad state. According to the words of a young family family unfortunately, Sophia P. girl Mirjacic, who complained that Andrija was gutting.

– Andrija lives in Orasac and has been sick with many sclerosis for ten years and is a fictional. in this story and who knows what the reason is. My son invited Peter, son of my sister. He called there for talking. When he went to the house, he attacked him and seized his beloved Sofia on the street and disturbed him. Is a sick person almost mobile, can he invade anyone who has a tune?

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Apparently, Sophia is the beginner of everything. My son began to promise to a child that he had nothing to do, but Patrick jumped. It was hit with an ax, shovel and houses. First, he hit it with the hole of the head, and with his family he broke the spine as my doctors asked me. He broke them forever, hitting it, and his # 39; fun my baby sick! He broke the two arms, both legs, and injured the spine and cranes, lungs and two cervical spin. Now he is in intense care – his father Ljubomir Pavlovic says.

– Peter Andri's statement: "Bato, come," and when he sat, he grabbed the hook, saying, "I asked you to kill!" He turned, and Andrew put his hand, and then broke, then, then, the legs, and the spiders. Then he said to him, "I will kill your father, your mother, and your sister!" – the father is hitting and saying that many of the poems do not agree in this story.

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– He thought he killed him and left his blood. Later, Peter's two friends came in, pouring water on my baby to get it, put it in a car and throw it out to the hospital. This is a scandal never before. And this person has a car stolen for 20 years and her; stay well with anyone who's affected. And now he reports fly and people want me to walk freely. And it's the question he never gave – it's an unfortunate young father's incredible.

Previously mentioned Sofia, with whom the Andrija family is strikingly says that the perpetrator of the crime can not prove that she was even a & # 39; serving the collision.

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He says that her beloved Sofia lives with Petra, but she can not bid if she was present when Andrija hit.

– I can not believe that something like this is happening! My son was in a hospital in a hospital coma to bring out broken lung wings, and the car conduct, which the whole city knows, walk for free. This is trying to kill a large attack – Ljubomir says that there is a large number of people; work ahead and does not know what impact will affect his son from brutal breach.

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Patio for an old lady

– Andrijah suffered much for her; from his wife and child, and recently separated a month ago. She refused the police. Sofia will groom my sister's sister. It has recently been suspended by Sofia and Petra, and I do not know what's involved. I can not do the sin of my soul, but I doubt that she is involved in this crisis – says Father Ljubomir Pavlovic.

(Kurir.rs/Dragomir Ilic, picture: Private archive)


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