Battle V: hard of the Second World War as ever before – 12/13/2018


An first-person action games There was a year of big competition again, but only a few can offer rational symbols of military conflicts. With 13 titles underground, the series Battle of Electronic Arts has been looking for it for years and Its latest investment based on World War II it is a great step forward in that regard, without re-appealing to return to Normandy's or Stalingrad's aggression.

After trying to & # 39; First World War, the Swedish developer will send one of the war situations to his death; Usually used in & # 39; This videogame class and in which the series was born back in 2002. In this opportunity, The First World War – the only historical time with its main opponent, Call of Duty, was elected last year – still loyal to devolved to hardship & warfare, not to forget & # 39; her case.

From the outset, Battlefield V is committed to making it so tough and clear; This war which faced the great powers and left millions of victims. In a series of settings, the player will connect to game tools, their weapons and vehicles through both sides (English and German) with land and air.

At the same time with a large tree like a banner, but not to # 39; leaving each other that superb character that marks its & # 39; The game process known as "War Tales" is a great start-up in Battlefield V. It's about three independent stories set in different situations. often designed from the Second World War.

In this case, we will meet the warriors against the face, as in "Nordlys", which was against the Nazi in Norway in 1943, the soldiers who fought in France, the RAF pilots or the counterparts of Afrikakorps in the wilderness.

Battle V, the new war of Electronic Arts.

Battle V, the new war of Electronic Arts.

Finally, "Last Tiger", which was launched as free free content on December 5, was launched. player in the shoes of Peter Müller, Tiger's tank leader during the last few weeks of the war, and his team's experiences. Here are examples of the German army, which emphasizes the historical solution, natural responsibility and the appearance of war.

As well as returning several classical methods, such as "Domination" or "Conquest", Battle V agreed to raise the bet with the game "Operations" game that was already in the past. There are a number of scenarios, which last four days and play the player in the Allied or Axis soldier's skin. Falling into the enemy's boundaries, is moving forward and a & # 39; Trying to last on a final day with limited resources the most exciting way to play.

It's a point to do & # 39; Battlefield V celebrates that it changes greatly depending on whether a group of friends have to play together. Teamwork and good communication are important when it comes to success in different methods, not to mention the online multiplayer, and the best way is a & # 39; enjoyable game.

And if we add to everything the visual and sound display, which is produced in any representation of the Swedish team, the Battle of V does not challenge those things either. The Frostbite graphics engine is once again offering a variety of recreation. show details of major situations and a sound of immersion that connects to an unfinished activity. Each picture, each explosion is a sense of how and from a place where it needs a feeling; And if you add this ability to & # 39; damage houses and buildings, break through walls and even litter vehicles, play experience will be ready.

The "Battle Royale" method, which was also widely regarded by Fortnite and PUBG, also included on this Battle license chapter. Although the Firestorm (a Spanish fire storm) does not reach until the first months of 2019, it is a fact that it is a promises to host up to 64 players in "the largest map in the history of the saga". Indeed, the idea of ​​this delay from a part of DICE and Electronic Arts is to expand the interests of the players so big & as possible as well as other additional content for free.

With a more advanced multi-game mode as an adult and despite the worst, it's a first-time soldier. in a Battlefield that appears again in general and amazing from every scene, even those who do not. follow the saga. .

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