Bauska beer is producing an increase in prices. What is the increase?


SIA & # 8220; Bauskas alus & # 8221; factory.

SIA production unit "Bauskas alus".

Photo: Eddie Paul / LETA

Due to the increase in production costs and tax rates at the Bauska Brewery, this year beef prices will rise by 10% compared with the previous year, Vladimirs Barskov, Board Member of Bauskas alus, said at LETA.

“From March 1, our product prices rose as a result of the increase in tax rates, but from 1 April this year, we will increase prices because of rising prices of raw materials – raw materials have grown. 30-40% more expensive. Overall, this year we plan to increase prices by about 10% compared to the previous year, ”said Barskov.

He said, hoping that there would be a warm and sunny climate for a sale of beer, that the company plans to exceed 5% this year compared to the previous year.

At the same time, he did not blame that there could be a negative impact on the dressing of beer.

“Last year, the price of the beer rose only as a result of an increase in tax fees, but this year the raw materials have increased. As a result of the worst cut, malt and beer are getting more expensive, and the cost of fuel has gone up, so the price of beer as a final result will be much higher than last year, ”said Bauskas alus. T .

According to Barskov, despite the scarcity of the raw material market, competition between the latrines of Latvia has grown in recent years. There are currently 57 Latvian breweries in comparison to 15 small breweries about 18 years ago.

"It's not a bad competition, but it's harder," he said, despite the fact that the botanical market is that the company is trying to generate income. T increase the company's performance against the previous year.

He admitted that small breweries in Latvia were not this year expected to meet other challenges, apart from rising tax rates and rising raw material prices.

He is confident that the taxation rate on beer in Latvia is still much lower than in Estonia, so Latvian makers can offer their results at competitive prices. Meanwhile, the differences between Latvia and Lithuania have now become obsolete.

Referring to the future funding of the company, Barskov has indicated that there is no significant money in this year's development, as it is vital that investments made over previous years are released. to discuss new investments next year.

LETA has already reported that reduced tax rates on alcoholic drinks have increased from 1 March this year, including for every 100% of alcohol by 100 liters, from € 6.8 to € 7.4.

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'Bauskas alus' is registered in 1999 and its capital capital is 786,996 euro. The owner of this company is the company Latvian BA Holdings, but the real benefits are Vladimir Barskov, Boris Raigorodsky and Yuri Shancovoy.

In 2018, "Bauskas alus" worked with an income of EUR 7.423 million, which is 42% more than the previous year, and the company's profits increased by 2.1 hours to EUR 1.338. one million.

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