Bayern: Bay Bay! Breitner's translation and abstention disrupts from Tribune in Allianz Arena


Uli Hoeneß (nice by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge) takes over.

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The next row on Säbener Straße: Now the legends of his club are going on already. Uli Hoeneß does not want to see the old Bayern star in the Allianz Arena.

Munich – The campaigns to record and write; gutting. Slowly, does the question arise, when FC Bayern finally falls? The required FCB bosses are otherwise squeamish. Now, the club's administration is very distressed to do it; criticize their own legends. Uli Hoeness should have been an ex-friend Paul Breitner out of her VIP box, such as the photographic reports.

The message even Hoeness should not be delivered, instead Finished Chief Finance Officer Jan-Christian Dreesen the incredible work: "Mr Dreesen's call, I & # 39; praise by Uli Hoeneß, look for me for the future not to admit hospitality. I told him: I expected at least. And I do not want one or the person see at the moment, at least, "said Breitner.

Breitner will return tickets for free

Recently the 67-year-olds have indicated that his understanding of his almost all-powerful illicit conference was obvious; The FCB Directors have five weeks back. So now the honors closure in honor. "Then I decided to return my two honors, which I hold as an honorary captain, Mr Dreesen. I do not want to give me that I want tickets shelter. "

It's going to & # 39; coastline at the scheduled campaigns.

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Uli Hoeneß seems to give the club's religious story in the bad "BR": "It's always about the family, the FC Bayern family. And then the children must say today: We need to be Papa embarrassing now. "

Breitner does not seem to focus on fast fixing at this time: "From now on, I'll usually buy my cards if I want to go to the surgery."


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