Bayern: Changing Lucas Hernandez says that he has settled – he should earn money


According to the media reports, Bayern has already been breaking Lucas Hernández in dry clothes – investment should already be transferred to the Atletico Madrid account.

Information from March 21, 2:30 pm: Just last Tuesday, Uli Hoeneß had been talking very much about an attack sent by FC Bayern in the summer, saying “Bayern's biggest investment program was ever before”. It was early in the morning, said several media, including the doorway “Foot Mercato”, that the Munich people had broken up Lucas Hernández as summer clothes next year.

The portal reports again that the Bavarians are already paying 40 million euros, ie half of the output leaving 80 million euros.

However, the radio station "RMC Sport" sees change as a defender, however, as yet. As a result, the two clubs are in progressive contract discussions, but there is no agreement yet.

According to "RMC Sport", fuel contract information is already known. Hernandez will therefore get a five year contract at Bayern with a combined salary of 13.5 million euros. Therefore, French-speaking internationals would have been directly counted to the main employees in the red.

Pavard pleased about Hernandez would move to Bayern: "I hope it will come"

March information 4, 12:52 pm:

Benjamin Pavard hasn't come to Bayern Munich – the world's player moves to Munich only in the summer. Nevertheless, the player VfB then wanted to put an even bigger France fare. Particularly, this means: If it is up to it, Lucas Hernandez should come to Munich too.

"I hope he comes as a good friend and a football player," said Pavard in an interview. T Foot Foot: "I've already got news out of it, and I hope it will come to Munich that it would be a big thing to him – and to Bayern as well."

He would also like to see Florian Thauvin, a national team team, from Olympique Marseille to the Isar. "For me, this is friends, I am close to them, I would like to do that," said Pavard: "If Bayern wants me to bring something about me, I will not tell them anything but good things."

Information from February 27, 7:54 am:

Uli Hoeneß not only presented himself in a double pass to Lucas Hernández. There are several opinions about the Frenchman. Sport Bild is now going to want to know that the CBB is sure to support the Atlético Madrid World Cup in summer.

For this purpose, the registration hero should be home and the court councilor Giovanni Branchini. He was already taking responsibility for the contracts with Pep Guardiola and Luca Toni. That's good for the FCB: As soon as the club withdraw due to leaving, Atlético can no longer stop it. That's exactly what should happen in the summer.

Hasan Salihamidzic was also asked about a possible Hérnandez agreement and he answered in general. "We have had good discussions and more." That is more likely to change than rather than deny.

Hernández to Bayern? Separate interest! How far Hoeness wants to get into his pocket

Information from February 24, 2:58 f: In Sport1 "Doppelpass" was President Bayern Uli Hoeneß a guest. The 67-year-old also spoke of Bayern's interest to Lucas Hernández de Atlético Madrid. "If we could get Hernández, I could think of 80 million payments. Our CFO has an important role to play in this regard," said Uli Hoeneß.

Hernández to Bayern? Poker gets hotter! Change the table, but the board remains unchanged

Information from February 8, 8:39: Now Lucas is talking! After the winter changed the theater to the defender of Atlético Madrid, the French language has become heard for the first time – and he is holding it open again. When he asked what it is like between Bay and Bayern, Lucas Hernández told the Spanish sports newspaper: "To be honest, my personal circumstances have changed and when & t 39 I must make a decision, I can do no more by myself.It is true that in winter there was a big bid for a different team, and he first did let the club tell. " And more: "from the first minute they told me. It is not an option they could think of. And the truth is that they have been very thankful to the t Arrangements are in place and we are going to assess everything before the end of this season.

On the other hand, Atlético has half a year to make Lucas stay. And that is what the club, which cannot make money for its financial activities, is able to prove to Antoine Griezmann, however, that it is possible to host big players. The reason: Diego Pablo Simeone. The club has an unusually strong reputation by the special Colchoneros co-ordinator who has been with Atlético since 2011. Lucas, who next to Griezmann and the keeper Jan Oblak to Simeones, leave the residency. In doing so, get Argentina to avoid at every cost – so the headmaster, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, also set this clear order.

And Luke himself? “I know that the leaders are determined to come to an end with my contract,” the 22-year-old continues. “But you have also promised to respect me for my decision. but in the future it is also clear that they will be negotiating in any situation about my degree of leaving. " Bayern means: 80 million or anything!

FC Bayern: Lu Lu Hernández is now in the summer?

But Hernández also had a question as to why he had always thought about changing it. “My personal circumstances have changed, and when I have to make a decision I can't just think of myself. "It is likely that French is referring to his son's birth in early August.

What happens in the summer is totally open. But Atlético seems unlikely to let the world's hero to less than the 80,000 permission to halt.

Is Bayern looking empty now? Councilor Hernandez establishes itself clearly

January 26, 1:41 f: It is likely that there is a revolutionary victory in French society today on board. While Hass Salihamidzic sports director had recently commented on moving “rational”, the rumors did not stop. But the defense adviser is now pushing the last hope of red. "I have long said that Lucas is one of the best defenders in the world, and prestigious football has phrases from around the world, but he is currently playing as a player in t Atlético he continues to play there, "said councilor Hernandez Manuel Garcia Quilón opposite" ". So the workers put Lucas Hernandez at least until the summer shone.

January 19, 13:51: Indeed, Lucas Hernandez was considered as a secure winter reinforcement on the Säbener road, but negotiations are still slow. How many even Hasan Salihamidzic sports director has been describing winter movements as a cure. "Hernandez is unreasonable," said sports director ZDF on second lines to start. Other chapters in chewing gum appear only time.

Large competition for FC Bayern: Hernandez is sponsored by several clubs

9th January, 12.17: Lucas Hernandez has been cooling over the last few days. In December, he was sent up 80 million in the winter on the Säbener Road, so you finally read about it, and perhaps you bring it out in the summer months only.

Is it because of the competition that FC Bayern is now at its destination? Manchester United and City have entered for poker for Hernandez. So Photo of sports In addition, Atletico has still to fight for world championship and has given Hernandez a three-year extension to allow it for the expansion of pay.

Meanwhile, FC Bayern has been able to sign a global champion for the next season. Benjamin Pavard comes into the prestigious champion in the summer. The 22-year-old signed a five-year contract with Säbener Straße.

Hernandez in winter to Bayern? Simeone's statement makes one of them sitting

Refreshment from 06. January, 17.00 clock: It turned out that the world championship of Lucas Hernandez had changed to Bayern in the winter, but the recent coach at Atletico Diego Simeone has been supporting fans t German tablets sit again.

"We know that until the window of closure is closed we can't rest until there is always the potential for the amazing players that we have expressed interest in large-scale structured clubs in Bavaria," says ohPhoto of sports Argentina. It seems that a move from Hernandez in the winter does not yet go overboard and Simeone's fear of defending would prevent it.

Recently, the Munich club officials met with Madrid's team in January to negotiate a move from Lucas Hernandez to the new season.

Refreshment from 05. January, 15.20 clock Lucas Hernandez to Bayern? Valérien Ismaël explains in an interview with the matter Photo of sports, which makes the French so valuable: Hernandez is certainly an interesting player. He is always there for his team – a great player. Lucas is also available to use in the first team of the World Cup national team in summer. T For it, the World Cup formed the basis for new sides. "

Bayern starred over a Hernandez competition that may be: "I will not scrap any thoughts about change"

Information from 03. January, 11.00 clock: Should Lucas Hernandez strengthen Bayern in the summer or even in winter, the left half would have competed in Munich for a big tournament: David Alaba. The 26-year-old has been behind the tree for many years, in the same way that Hernandez holds at Atletico Madrid. Now Austria Photo of sports new sign said: "Certainly he is a good player, or Bayern would not be interested. He would be able to help us," said Alaba. Responding to moving to the middle of the park, Alaba already spoke earlier, he responds calmly: "I know that it works really well for me on the left. At this time, I don't know t I am not concerned about changing to the central location of the park.

It's as small as a fairly high placement exchange Photo of sports also a club change in question. Alabas' contract will run until 2021. In addition, Bayern's Kovac coach will be building on the native Viennese: In the first final visit the 26-year-old was in the 17 games used.

David Alaba (r.).

© dpa / Swen keeper

Information from 02. January,
20.45 clock: In his column, air expert Lothar Matthaus commented on the changing reality of Lucas Hernandez: "It is a world-wide champion, playing for Atletico Madrid, has an extremely international class. That is how I see it. ”It would also seem that there is an estimated movement of around 80 million euros. “If I want to play such a player who might be able to help me by getting the Champions League, that's the prices you have to pay. This change would make a very good sense of me. Also for this sum, "said Matthew.

Negotiations with Lucas Hernandez? In this case, Atletico would be ready to negotiate

Information from 02. January, 14.09 clock: For several weeks, the rumors remain for change from Lucas Hernandez to FC Bayern Munich. To remove the Atletico Madrid defender, the hero would have even registered to pull in the transit charge based on contracts of about 80 million euros. Now Atletico Madrid is ready to negotiate.

After a report on this Photo of sports it is said that the club from the capital of Spain has offered FC Bayern a willingness to debate when the move is over until the summer drives. Negotiation, which may satisfy both sides. Atletico can keep their players up to the summer and Bayern could save some of the 80 million people. Another reason might be willing to debate. The Spanish paper is a large debt of 700 million euro. With Lucas Hernandez in the team, the Colchoneros (in English: mattress makers) in an international competition could still earn a few million extra. In the 16th of the Champions League, the captains meet Juventus.

December 30: Lucas Hernandez and Bayern. Responsible people and individuals always provide information that identifies the move again. We provide a summary of their current status.

In the meantime, the Marca, announced the announcement that a change in 19 December before the Leipzig match had taken place (see December 28 update). The safeguarder has made 4 January at the start of the FC Bayern Munich training camp in Doha. According to tradition, Munich built his new year with his clause about 80 million. The Spanish newspaper learned this information from the Bayern environment.

That would again be the improvement in the transfer, which would speak for Bayern. The head of Atletico Miguel Angel Gil Marin recently confirmed that the relationship between the German warriors and Madrid was good, but that they had removed the change in winter.

The most recent change has changed recently in summer 2019. But now everything seems to be different. It will be interesting to see what happens after Hogmanay on the moving market.

Video: Bayern to Hernandez turning

A new message to Hernandez will make fans sit up – and he mentions FC Bayern: "I need …"

December 28, 2018, 15:49: Now Lucas Hernandez speaks! The French-speaking newspaper has a 22-year-old Le Figaro big, long and sometimes fun releases are given (which are in French).

The newspaper originally wants to find out what the French have been concerned about since the World Cup last year. “I am not angry, but I often ask,“ How does he feel that he is a hero throughout the world? 'That would have to be a hundred times. So if you want to ask me, I'm ready, then I myself will log in to the autopilot, "he laughs.

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Frenkie de Jong to Bayern? He might have liked the determination of Ajax's talent

But the questioner comes with something else. Whether it's a harder to be a young hero or father. "Be at your father without any doubt," said the 22-year-old. "It's not easy every three hours for adaptive change or change of diaper."

In fact, even at night without sleep, Lucas Hernandez could also think about his future. This is the area most likely to be of interest to FC Bayern fans in the interview. And he tells about it.

If it is just halfway open. T “I am an honest person, who says what he thinks. Journalists like that, "he states in general." When it comes to change it may be in Bayern, but of course it can't be far out of the window. show that she is representing diplomically. “I am very excited about Madrid and Spain where everyone has trusted me for a long time. But in football there are many requests and so on. I have to balance the benefits and interests each time to make the best possible decision for me, my family and the rest of my life.

But still laughing, he explains one issue in advance: "Many clubs that give me a dream in Europe, but I don't tell you. I am right here in Madrid, but if I need to go tomorrow because I am interested in a project, I am thinking about it.

Whether the Bayern project was very interested that it was weak and Atlético is turning its back? That will appear – regarding winter change – next week.

Bayern: Comes Lucas Hernandez? A new message applies to sit-ups and to sit down

December 28, 15:10: On Thursday, Head of Atletico Madrid, Angel Gil Marin, made a clear statement: Lucas Hernandez is still in the Spanish for the end of the season (at least the end of 27 December). But now there is a new message in which great fans of Bayern should sit and care. Re-use the Spanish newspaper Marca was reported – she had already sent the message about the transmissions – Lucas Hernandez is already attending the Munich winter training camp. This will start on 4 January in Doha, Qatar.

It is said that the sources in Bavaria were notified of the Spanish newspaper that Hernandez would be chased out of 80 million euros by the German record keepers and the man 22-years after turning Four years later, with the opening of a winter window. Therefore, the French would continue to introduce a new entry in Munich.

Lucas Hernandez could soon turn to Bayern.


Atletico boss makes it clear: Lucas Hernandez is left

December 27, 2:15 pm In an exclusive interview with him and Miguel Angel Gil Marin, Managing Director of Atletico Madrid, spoke clearly about the possible change from Lucas Hernandez to Bayern. "Atletico Madrid is an exclusive player for the winter months. We have a good relationship with FC Bayern and meet in January to assess their situation. If the player wants to change we will talk about it – but only about changing in July, "the 55-year-old said."

New version! Atletico is ready to speak – but just for a summer change.

Just before Christmas the Spanish newspaper existed Marca Announcing the withdrawal of Bayern in the Hernandez contract for 80 million hits in the winter window, starting on 1 January. But both groups refused. However, it appears that there is no winter change. But in the summer, the subject could start a new trend. Bayern Hasan Salihamidzic, sports director, and President Uli Hoeneß have already announced mobile activities for 2019.

In fact, the "Rojiblancos" isn't sure for the 22-year-old without fighting. It is thought that coach Diego Simeone, captain Diego Godin and supreme star Antoine Griezmann have persuaded Hernandez to stay – but with little success. The French is disturbed by the belief that they can change professionally and in private. Even with a profitable increase in salary, the 22-year-old has already gone out ACE and Marca report.

Atletico Madrid wants to develop Lucas Hernandez content

December 26, 3:58 f: This may be the definitive version of the "Cause Hernandez". For information from Sky Sports Atletico Madrid, who is still an employer at the moment for the French defensive jewel, is ready to support the large 22-year-old wage.

As the portal says, the Spanish capital club wants a Hernandez salary – which is currently at about three million euros per year – just double, and although the left has just made a new deal out of the contract t summer.

Low pay and the lack of mutual respect for French performance in Madrid are the main reasons for asking for change. A doubling of the annual salary could follow that Hernandez is still loyal to the Rojiblancos for many years to come, and Bay Bayern needs to look elsewhere for a new safeguarder.

Does the contract with FC Bayern not come into effect?

December 25, 11:03: Like the Spanish newspaper MP Perhaps Lucas Hernandez may stay at Atletico Madrid. The report also states that Bayern has a strong interest in the defense. After discussion between the responsible Atletico and Uli Hoeneß, as well as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Spaniards announced that they did not want to deliver Hernandez. Bahia should not be claiming for the record or making a offer.

Was that between Hernandez and Bayern? No. There is probably another meeting already underway at the end of January; Relationships between the clubs are still good. The board should then have the opportunity to repeat everything. However, the safeguarder will stay with the Rojiblancos until summer 2019.

What does that mean for Bayern? Even though the original amount received is between 80 and 85 million registering, with astronomy, the sum could be dramatically raised in the summer. Depending on the club still applying for Hernandez.

Cryptic Words: Is Simeone Saying Goodbye to Lucas Hernandez?

December 24, 2018, 10:25 am: Atletico Diego Simeone's coach has reiterated the exchange accounts for Lucas Hernandez – but more colptic than is clear. In a press conference he said Hernandez knew what he was (Simeone, note d. tell him. He decides what is best for him. The coach of the "Rojiblancos" amazingly praised: "It's a player who has a great show, and also a very good future, whatever he decides. I always respect and respect I love him because I love him.

December 22, 6:47 f: This is probably the most impressive sound of summer. Atletico Madrid's secret defender Lucas Hernandez is to arrive at FC Bayern Munich. So the global warrior is the most expensive purchase in the history of the German record war. Before the Bundesliga match between Bayern and the Eintracht Frankfurt (we report in live ticker), Hasan Salihamidzic sports director has now rowed the Frenchman.

"Yes, I guess. We are talking about a lot of players," he said before the Munich Cup at the Eintracht Frankfurt Cup on Saturday in Sender Sky. "You need to keep your eyes open." Even if the 41-year-old does not confirm the move, there are different clear sounds different.

It was said earlier that Hernandez would be called on 1 January.

Unpacks unk: Hernandez should deal with Bayern Munich to be located

December 21, 13:35: Diego Simeone has expressed his thanks for the interest of a German figure in the football world champion Lucas Hernandez. "It is quite normal for Bayern to want to move out the move," said Aternico Madrid's Hernandez coach. The decision today about Hernandez, Simeone said: "I spoke to the player and the club, they know what I want."

December 21, 10:01 am: On a Wednesday before the end of the winter game FC Bayern against RB Leipzig, they were told about it Marca As Luce Hernandez moved from Atletico Madrid to Munich as her location. It is also interesting to evaluate the message.

David Garcia Medina is an Atletico expert and has a close relationship with the Hernandez family recite. The journalist has already had several interviews with the French World Champion and his mother. In addition, the first change in Hernandez, the first Medina was not announced.

Video: Bayern to the hero of the globe Lucas Hernandez

In summer 2018, he first described young brother Hernandez, Theo. The ones on the left then swap to Real Madrid, the city of Atleticos, to turn to Real Sociedad to San Sebastian.

At the request of the radio station Onda Cero Medina said “the offer is there. And the player accepts it. "Also, to name the change, Medina had information." On January 1, Bayern can tell the Spanish league that they will get the player out of their contract, "said the Journalist According to his information, Hernandez will then contract a four-year contract with Bayern.

Lucas Hernandez to Bayern? Atletico Madrid offers a new higher wage contract

December 20, 9:52 pm As was reported by the Spanish Spanish splash newspaper, Atletico Madrid has been trying hard to keep alive the world's hero from saying a change to FC Bayern. Correspondingly, the club would have called on Thursday to advisor Manolo Garcia Quilon. The "Rojiblancos" should be ready to extend the contract, which has not been extended to the summer of 2024 except for better relations. The producer will meet the head of the club Miguel Angel Gil Marin on Friday, but the report says that Madrid had to go a long way to avoid the journey from Hernandez.

Lucas Hernandez to Bayern? Leaving a higher drop, according to the Director of Atletico Sport

December 20, 8:37: The toll for Lucas Hernandez might be greater than the previous € 80 million. Andrea Berta, sports director at Atletico Madrid, Sport1 confirmed the level of entry into the French contract would be only 85 million euro. Regarding the sound itself, Italian only said: "I can't comment on that. That's Kalle (Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, d. Red.) ask. The player has told me that he wants to live at Atletico Madrid. "Lean Berta," I don't think this advert is correct. "At the moment, Bayern Munich must target the forthcoming Bundesliga game in Frankfurt. Here the current players need to call a special piece to stay with the bigger influences. T captains Dortmund The game between Frankfurt and Bayern Munich can be watched live on TV and in the live stream, as t* recited.

Lucas Hernandez to Bayern? A sports lawyer explains the background to the departure condition

December 20, 19:34: Lucas Hernandez is available for € 80 million – resulting in the leaving of the contract. In the tz clarifying Munich's lawyer and Thomas Summerer's sports lawyer up the situation.

“We see some outstanding players who are of great value and market value. Going to a club which is not the club they want, as there is still a better and more successful club, players enjoy arrangement and arrangement. Then they can get out of their contract if they find a situation with the desired club, "Summerer said."

Tha e mar dhleastanas air clubaichean na Spàinne fiùs an leithid de chiorram a ghabhail a-steach sa h-uile cùmhnant. Gu sònraichte searbh: Ma phàig Bayern an t-suim iomchaidh, feumaidh Atlético faire gu neo-ghnìomhach. Mar as trice chan eil còir bhòtaidh ann. Tha seann neach-breith an DFL Summerer ag ràdh: "Anns a’ Ghearmailt, faodar clàradh cùmhnantaichte a dhèanamh seach nach eil an clàrachadh tarraing-às àithneil. Mar eisimpleir, ma tha cluicheadair airson a dhol gu farpaiseach as miosa. "Ach chan eil anns an Spàinn.

Is dòcha air sgàth sin, chuir na Madrilenians a-mach an cumha fàgail airson Hernandez san Ògmhios bho 55 gu 80 millean àrd. Ma tha Bayern dha-rìribh a ’dèanamh sin, bidh Atlético a’ cruinneachadh clàr ùr airson luchd-dìon. Air oidhche Chiadain, bha e soilleir nach robh an cùmhnant seachad fhathast. Cuideachd, a chionn 's nach robh cunntas aig Bayern air Atlético. Tha eòlaiche Summerer ag ràdh: "Tha e fìor gum feum clubaichean clàradh airson cluicheadair ùr aig a’ chlub làithreach mus gabh iad pàirt ann an còmhradh – fiù's ma tha clàs roghnach aca. Tha seo na riatanas ann an riaghailtean ceadachd an DFL. "

Lucas Hernandez.

© dpa / Marius Becker

Tha e coltach gu bheil an neach-leantainn deiseil – bhreab e mar-thà sa Bhundesliga

Fiosrachadh às an Dùbhlachd 20, 11:53: Bidh Will Lucas Hernandez ag atharrachadh gu FC Bayern sa gheamhradh? Tha aon de dhaoine a bu chòir fios a bhith aige gu bheil e crùbach. Chan urrainn dha aithisgean a dhiùltadh no dearbhadh, thuirt e ri comhairliche dha Curaidh na Frainge, Manuel Garcia Quilon, mu choinneamh Spox and amas,

Ma tha an FC Bayern dha-rìribh a ’dèanamh cinnteach gu bheil an neach-dìon dìonach, tha e coltach gu bheil an neach a thàinig às na Madrilenians air a cho-dhùnadh mar-thà. A rèir aithrisean cunbhalach sna meadhanan san Spàinn, tha ùidh aig Atletico ann an neach-dìon na Spàinne mar mheadhan Jorge Mere às an dara roinn-roinn 1. FC Köln.

Ach, tha cùmhnant aig an duine 21-bliadhna fhathast leis an Geißböcken suas gu 30 Ògmhios 2023. Tha eadar-nàiseanta Spàinnteach fo-21 aig Mere agus tha deagh chliù aice am measg nan Iberian.

Leis an gealladh seo tha Hernandez gu bhith air a thàladh

Fiosrachadh às an Dùbhlachd 20, 9:16 am: Anns a ’chath airson am buannaiche-cluiche bu chòir gum biodh Lucas Hernandez Bayern air mòran a chuir a-steach airson cur às don fharpais bho Shasainn agus bhon Spàinn. a & # 39; Marca ag ràdh gun deach gealladh a thoirt dha Curaidh Cruinne na Frainge a bhith na phrìomh mheadhan ann an dìon an Abo-Champion às na Gearmailt san àm ri teachd. Tha e coltach gu bheil an sanas seo air ìmpidh a chur air Hernandez tagraidhean a dhiùltadh bho Real Madrid agus Manchester United.

Lucas Hernandez go Bayern? A ’leantainn ri clàs:" Gu dearbh tha e na bhuannachd "

Fiosrachadh às an Dùbhlachd 20, 6:14 am: "Ich kann nichts dementieren, ich kann auch nichts bestätigen, bestätigen kann man erst etwas, wenn es fix ist, aber fix ist noch nichts", sagte Bayern-Klubchef Karl-Heinz Rummenigge zur kolportierten Verpflichtung von Lucas Hernandez und ergänzte: "Jetzt warten wir mal ab. In Spanien gibt es ja immer eine Ausstiegklausel zu allen Zeitpunkten, und das ist in diesem Fall sicherlich ein Vorteil." Die Marca berichtet weiter, dass der Transfer bereits im Winter über die Bühne gehen soll. In München soll Hernandez einen Vierjahresvertrag erhalten.

FC Bayern bietet wohl Rekordsumme für französischen Weltmeister – Doch es gibt schon ein Dementi

Update vom 19. Dezember, 23.33 Uhr: Hasan Salihamidzic hat sich bei „Sky“ über das kolportierte Interesse an Lucas Hernández geäußert. „Wenn es etwas zu vermelden gibt, werden wir das tun. Aber ich habe nichts zu verkünden“, sagte der Sportdirektor des FC Bayern über den Franzosen: „Er ist Weltmeister, aber mehr gibt es dazu nicht zu sagen. Das sind alles Gerüchte.“

Lucas Hernández: FC Bayern offenbar vor Verpflichtung von Weltmeister

München – Greift Uli Hoeneß ganz tief in die Tasche? Laut der spanischen Zeitung Marca steht der FC Bayern München vor der Verpflichtung des französischen Weltmeisters Lucas Hernández von Atlético Madrid. Der Linksverteidiger soll demnach schon im Winter für die festgeschriebene Ablösesumme von 80 Millionen Euro zum Rekordmeister wechseln und einen Vierjahresvertrag erhalten.

Lucas Hernández: Traum-Sommer mit Europa-League-Titel und Weltmeisterschaft

Der 22-jährige Hernández kann in der Verteidigung zentral und links eingesetzt werden. Allerdings hat der Franzose seinen Vertrag in Madrid erst im Juni bis 2024 verlängert. Hernández spielt seit 2014 für Atlético, wurde 2018 mit den Rojiblancos Europa-League-Sieger. Im Finale der WM in Russland im Sommer spielte er gegen Kroatien (4:2) durch.

Derzeit laboriert Hernández an einer Knieverletzung, die er sich am 8. Dezember beim Spiel gegen Deportivo Alavés zugezogen hat. 2018 kommt er wohl nicht mehr zum Einsatz.

Lucas Hernández: Variabel in der Viererkette einsetzbar

Der Franzose, der bei der WM 2018 hauptsächlich links gespielt hat, kam bei Atletico diese Saison meistens als Innenverteidiger zum Einsatz. Der FC Bayern hatte diese Saison mit Rafinha nur einen einzigen Ersatz auf den Außenpositionen. Gegen Augsburg verteidigte beispielsweise sogar Leon Goretzka links.

Der bisherige Rekordtransfer war Corentin Tolisso für 41,5 Millionen Euro. Die Hernandez-Verpflichtung mit 80 Millionen Euro würde den Rekord also mehr als pulverisieren.

Lucas Hernández: Das sagen Niko Kovac und der Präsident von Atletico Madrid

Niko Kovac sagte vor dem Spiel gegen RB Leipzig*, dass er sich zu den Transfer-Gerüchten im Moment nichts äußern kann. Laut Informationen der tz hat sich der FC Bayern München bei Atletico noch nicht gemeldet.

Atletico-Präsident Enrique Cerezo dementierte die Meldung jedoch in einer ersten Reaktion. "Momentan ist Lucas Hernandez Spieler von Atletico, und er will hier bei uns weitermachen", wird Cerezo vom spanischen Sportportal "Sportyou" zitiert: "Ganz ehrlich: Mir ist das Angebot von Bayern nicht bekannt. Und auch nicht, dass sie die 80 Millionen Ausstiegsklausel zahlen. Wir bauen eine Mannschaft auf und verkaufen nicht."

Lucas Hernández ist nicht der einzige Spieler, auf den die Verantwortlichen des FC Bayern München ein Auge geworfen haben. Wechseln diese Profis in der Winter-Transferperiode 2018/2019 an die Isar?


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