BBB19: "I could give it a vaccine," a & # 39; complains about Diego about Paula


In the autumn this Monday (11) Diego le Carolina spoke about the wall and Paula: "We are here in the game that is at risk and who is not. For example, there is a week in you're in danger, so I'll give you Angela, but if I see you are not on the line … "said Santa Catarina.

"Indeed, last week I told Bella this, she was not in danger and you were, I had agreed with the medals I gave the angel that I would give it to you," 39; she agreed. "Indeed, I just thought she did not like the same thing and could not get vaccinated. Hary did not; Voting on this week, at all, I did not go to the water break and it could go two [do outro grupo]Next Time, we would consider the second option, do you understand? "The horse said.

"Without Maycon," said the promotional officer. "It would not be if there were Maycon, not like that, because Elana is doing well with it," said Catarina. "Maybe Paulinha," Carolina suggested. Diego agreed: "Paulinha is not, she's been involved with Elana, they would never vote."

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