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The animation team behind the new film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" was acknowledged that it had to be different.

"I think we all knew that our first question was to ask us out of the gateway why we are doing & # 39; other Spider-Man? " Joshua Beveridge, head of animated characters at Sony Pictures Imageworks, smiled.

"We wanted to be so obvious, because everything you can do in animation is that you can not do anything in any other middle."

After six live action films in the age of 15, appearing a webbed collector, the team Feeling that the new offer needed to be completely unique. The story also has a new animation style, which aims to Miles Morales, Afghan American-American Brooklyn teenagers and the Puerto Rican heritage that gets a star with a livelihood star.

The animators, largely based in Vancouver, come to an end with a creative and praising way. They used animation that was generated by a computer to make a history that is similar to a combination of traditional animation by hand and CG, even showing a way of drawing a linework on a top of three-dimensional characters.

"We just add the same to those mixed media," he said. "I think many of the materials we used elsewhere, but this mix is ​​new."

Beveridge, 36, is based in City Culver, Calif., But the majority of the 180-person animation team on this movie works out of Vancouver, he said.

"That's where the gaze and his heart are. That's where the whole team is. That's where the film was made," he said.

Vancouver is becoming increasingly a graphic website of around 60 animation and visual impact studio. It helps to ensure that the town is diverse, there are strong artistic schools and a really attractive place, Beveridge said.

The film will put more boundaries with content as well as its style. Based on the comic book characters created by the writer Brian Michael Bendis and the artist Sara Pichelli, the film continues Morales long & as it develops high-power, and & # 39; including camouflage, sticking to objects and fascinating audiences.

But when Kingpin's criminal criminals are developing a nuclear supercollider that will be a opening a port to other agencies, different versions of Spider-Man are introduced into the Lords world. Peter Parker is older with a number of seagulls, including Peni Parker inspired by anime.

Beveridge said there are dramatic episodes in the story that can help animate filmmaking be a genre.

"Animation is always brought back to the kiddie board, and feeling that it's just a movie for children, and that Spider-Man is over the That's the case – it's someone who's just more aware of getting started – we got our shows a bit better, making it even bigger for all. "

The film won pre-reviews before it was released on Friday. Beveridge said he was helpful after being aware of how he would get it.

"We knew we were taking risks. We wanted something different and when you stay with these conclusions so far in secret, you are certain that you'll stay with you, "he said.

"One of the lessons I'm walking away after completing this project is: In art, if you're in fear, perhaps you have done something. "

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