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Chhatra League has banned the website of the University of Dhaka. On Monday (11th March), they called the stop program by refusing Nurul Haque Nur's name as Duxur's (VP) vice-president, and rejecting the results.

Complaint of BCL, operator of Nurul Haque Nur Jamaat-Sibir

Students and their guardians have gone to the Uday and University of the Laboratory on the school site suffered from a barrier to BCL. Although they were allowed to go on to the campus, vehicles were introduced to the rickshaw and motorcycle cycles.

Many people return to school after reaching the barriers. School authorities published holidays as a result of graduation.

Nurul Haque Nur, director of the Kota re-movement, was elected vice-president (VP) at the Dhaka Student Parliament (Duxu) election. It received 11,000 62 votes. The closest president BCL, Rezwanul Huq Chowdhury received 9,129 votes.

Gram Rabbani, Secretary General of the League, has elected a general secretary (GS). In addition, the general secretary (AGS) is elected by a UK body with the general secretary BCL Saddam Hossain.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Nawab Ali Chowdhury welcomed the results of the Seanan Baptist hall on Sunday (March 11th) at 3:00 pm. Md. Akhtaruzzaman.

Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Samad, Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Chief Executive Professor SM Mahfuzur Rahman, among others said.

In her post GS, Rabbani won from Chatra League 10,000 484 votes. Rashid Khan, head of the nearest common redevelopment reform, received 6 63 votes.

In addition, BCL's secretary Saddam Hussein (15,000 301 votes) won from BCL the AGS office. The boss had his nearest quota redevelopment Faruk Hossain 5,846 votes.

The Chhatra League panel members have won two trophies instead of Duxu. Akhtar Hossain, the second winner of the redevelopment of quota, is the social service secretary.

In addition, the priest war Saad Bin Quader, science secretary and technologist Arif ibn Ali, general secretary and general secretary of BM Lipi Akhter, international editor Shahirima Tanzina Ornichi, literature Mazharul Kabir Soyan, cultural secretary Asif Talukdar, sports secretary Shakil Ahmed Tanvir, and secretary of student transport Shams-e-Noman has won

On the other hand, the chosen members are Chibal Sangma, Nazrul Islam, Rakibul Hasan, the heritage of Islam Rakibul, Tanvir Hasan Saikat, Raisa Nasser, Sabrina Ate, Farida Parvin, Nipu Islam Tanvi, Heider Mohammad Zitu, Tilottama Shikdar, Zulfikar Alam Rasel and Mahmudul Hassan.

At the same time, the students in the Presidency of the League of S local president objected to the speech when the results were sunk. They're slogging for not believe, not human & # 39;


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