BCL wanted to be removed from the University of Nur


The university's vice-chancellor announced last year's results for Baban at 3: 30pm. Akhtaruzzaman.

Chatra League campaigners began to argue against the argument of the leader of the quota revival campaign Nurul Haque Noor as the winner of the Duka University Dhaka Student Parliament (Duxu). They were screaming & # 39; fake and; fake. '

BCL campaigners would have to stop Chai-chai-Vai chaai's call.

At one time, the President, BCL and the panel of the group, called the candidate VP Rezwanul Haque of Cemetery to stop to complain about the organisation's leaders and pressure workers.

Then the Vice-Chancellor named the results of the remaining posts included in the Secretary General. In addition to the general secretary, but all the 24 posts left, BCL candidates (the student council council) have won.

When the results were announced, the BCL campaign started to complain again. At the time, they took slots against the “wrong” slots, “deceit”, and slots against Sibir.

Half past the exhibition, Sobhon, President of Chrara League and Secretary General of Galab Rabbani went to the Vice-Chancellor. At the time, Rabbani said that Vice-Chancellor dismissed Nur from the university.

He said, a famous group has been using ordinary students during the safer road movement and quota movements.

During Dusseur's day, Rabbani said that the provost was attacked in drama by the name 'Ballot Raksh'; in Rokeya.

In the event, a student pulled out an issue against Nur and others charges against Nur and asked him to go away from university.

Golam Rabbani said, "Using a shared feeling about students, the attack on provost Rokeya Hall. Ordinary students added appropriate music. We want action."

Commenting on the Vice-Chancellor, he said, "The group is banned and banned. We want to re-elect."

Chhatra League campaigners present on the crowds' Want to expel Whether you want to remove it;

After a time, the vice-chancellor was removed from the Assembly building after he had said nothing about this. Behind him, Chatra League leaders and campaigners went out to a slogan.

Nurul Haque Noor, student in the university's English department last year, with the Bangladesh Student Protection Council, was led by a strong movement in the flag to demand reform of quotas in government operations. . He is one of the joint conveners of this forum.

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