BCR: Risks have increased but we will not change their Economy appraisals Margaidean


A few days ago, the IMF reduced the growth strategy for the Peruvian economy to 3.8%. However, the Reserve Bank (TheBCR ) who today indicated that he has to showcase (4%).

"The global situation that the IMF can see is slightly more depressing than last year, but we do not see any change in the growth projection, what has increased may be The situation that is expected is a bit different due to uncertainty in the world, "said the BCR leader, Julio Velarde .

In that line, he remained optimistic about the development of public and private investment this year; Well, domestic problems do not happen so important this year.

"Now it will affect us in what's happening in the world, the internationally identifies economic development," he said.

The head of its publishing agency supported the position of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Carlos Oliva, who recently said "if you need to have a crime of corruption, GDP falls, bad luck. "

" There is no doubt. If you need to cut someone off to save your life, you must do it "he said.

At another point, he noted that there is a good debt to buy a paper from foreign investors.

"I was in a meeting with investors in London last week and Peru believes it's an amazing country because these thousands are politically, the dollar is almost a & # 39; move and if more newspapers are ready to buy if there is food, Property is bigger, a small market does not dry but in a constitution does not have a comparison with other countries, "he said.

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