BCRA will correct the director: how much can the dollar arrive in March?


An independent zone for the BCRA will come to 2% per month at least until March; By the end of that month, it will be between $ 39.39 and $ 50.97 Source: Archive – Credit: Shutterstock

Looking at inflation, yes

Central Bank

As of today, it will arrange a new scheme to monitor it


. Although the zone is uninterrupted, defined within the framework of the new agreement with its organization


, now, the boundaries of that exchange level are increasing, but below the ones that were recorded in the & # 39; last quarter of last year.

So far, the group set up rates – which was established October in the area between $ 34 and $ 44 for the sales dollar – changed daily by 3% per month. Now, with lower expectations of inflation, that change
It was reduced to 2% per month.

Taken to the numbers, the range of non-interventions, which will allow the BCRA to buy a dollar if it comes under the floor or for sale up to $ 150 million a day if the sale is bigger than the roof, in late December between $ 37, 12 and $ 48.03.

With this new phase of change, the floor for the retail dollar at the end of March will be $ 39.39, long & The roof was located at $ 50.97.

"If the increase in this first season every year you have 20%, when the budget is projected by 23% of


for the whole year. That includes some understanding, which is not a # 39; damaging to delete, because today's interim exchange rate is high, "said Diego Falcone, head of regional manager of Cohen.

Given that the exchange rate includes the aims of inflation and how it would have been stressed; Holding the amount of money that was unchanged in the economy was unchanged, the exchange rate was moved near a floor; band.

Although rising by 101.3% in 2018, the state year dollar ended under the new BCRA financial scheme, with an interest rate of over 59%. On Friday 28, the last business day of 2018, the retailer closed at $ 37.60, 1.2% above the floor of its exchange band.

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