Be careful !: A new Google Maps tool can hurt you


Technology is similar to progress and innovation, however, not everything new. At this time, the new device Google Maps to customize users and their; promote promotion scammers and the beautiful accounts of convicts who are willing to increase the profitable profit.

His case was published in India, as the country was one of the first technological advances. According to the foundation of Business Insider, the unusual way of using a criminal is an innovative form: it's a & # 39; Identifying banks' identity through Google Maps. The "game" of the scammers will be at risk-sucking at risk, because they trust in the data and data found, and Believing they can not know that they can bring out their bank accounts as a whole.


According to Hindu newspaper, Maharashtra's police learned about the situation and warned about this type of scam, after receiving a number of objections in the last month. The authorities identified that if one found a bank link in Google's Google search engine, including the Google Maps page.

However, this activity has not been reported in other parts of the world, but the warning is very active, as oral offenders are experiencing; Waiting for a failure of virtual services, in this Google case, which suffers weakness in your data security, and users who trust that the information that Google Maps a & # 39; Give true and safe, they agree to give phone information, without knowing the effects.

On the other hand, a Google representative spoke to the Hindu and said: "There is some uncertainty or wrong part." And then he said: "When this happens, we will do our best to resolve that event as soon as possible," the words of the authorized speaker.

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