Be careful about Dengue Fever, Mosquito Nephew Disposals, Areas inside this House to be cleaned


Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Clear Sea Light Rain Heavy Extreme – Mosquito's cheap housing is a dream for many people, especially Indonesian people.

Unfortunately, as a tropical country, there is a warm climate in Indonesia and mosquitoes are easier to breed.

As a result, cheap mosquito houses are very difficult to find.

As well as to pull it on and # 39; skin, mosque bugs give different types of diseases, such as Dengue Fever and Malaria.

Based on data from the Indian Health Ministry, incidental rate (IR), patients with Dengue (DHF) epilepsy fever data are increasing each year.

As with the start of this year, many people have been suffering from convicted fever.

As well as being buried, a & # 39; drained and closed (3M), you also have the responsibility to clean the places in the home that is a soft place to place mosquitoes.

Well, where the mosquitoes come up and down; lay eggs in the house? This is more complete information. Come on, see!

Curtain Window and Fold Area

This area is often a mosquito lump.

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