Be careful, Fortnite! Apex Tales are more than 10 million games in just three days


This week we saw Apex Legends, free FPS for consoles and PCs that are happening in the same universe with Titantall – thirty years after the second game of the series saga

His people got their A huge game, which just got eight hours to get a & # 39; hitting a sign of 1 million playwrights, something Fortnite – a title that is now a & # 39; permits a bundle of compounds on Xbox One and PS4 – which takes a full day to achieve it.

With a number of surveys that appear on the internet, players in Apex Legends are interested in raising the expectations of the EA Games, the developer behind the FPS, and has shown that The game has just over 10 million players.

The incredible logo was recorded in just three days, and although it is still far from the more than 200 million registered players at the time of Fortnite, it shows that EA games could be on an egg circle of gold to find. "

Many companies have tried to win Fortnite's success, such as Activision with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, but EA, who is very pleased with the good reception of his new title, has not much taken care of.

With a business model similar to Fortnite (ie, free-play with basic boxes within a game), the title can create up to $ 100 million for EA in the next year, which should be Company help to get rid of the losses received last year – what was done as a result of the popularity of Epic Games FPS.

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