Bears appearing in Tony Romo at CBS are very strong in the playoffs with the & # 39; best protection & in NFC


Now there is the real testament to the preliminary powers of Tony Romo, a CBC analyst.

After defeating the 23-16 Lions, Romo telecasted Thursday from Ford Field Detroit with the 8-3 Bears, not only in the playoffs, but still still very seriously threatened by five regular seasonal games.

"Chicago has been running a second half, we said, in every game this year. It's a team, they're going to go to # 39; in the playoffs, "said Rome.

"They're going in and this is a team you do not want to see because this protection is when it's cold, if you are in an environment you are not familiar with and that You're going to face Chicago, it's very difficult to move the ball to them. You're responsible for protecting you. "

Romo did not realize that the Rams, 10-1 and a visit to the Army Ranger on December 9, and the Saints, would make Thursday's progress longer to 10-1 by & # 39 ; The Falcons broke on NBC, the NFC class Post-

But "you do not know how this is coming to an end," said the old quarterback Cowboys, who's quarterly as a CBS NFL analysis, has won a reputation as Cassandra's kind by prey for tipping plays.

"The two best teams are very good. Chicago may not be very close, but you also know that Chicago has a safeguard on all of these teams. You never have to watch the best protection. in the playoffs. I'll tell you, that is a team that could be in any place. "

Not just as a preamble runs up mid or pass in the flat, but & # 39; It may be interesting to look back at the Romo-damus prophecy in January.

Short exam again: Maybe beam players may not be the only one challenged on Thursday to return to their full day and game strength after they have had a successful victory from Sunday's victory over Vikings.

Looking to you, followers of soldiers.

The Adrenaline and high-quality fight on Sunday's dominance over Vikings on NBC-5 did not increase translation in Tainggiving Bears spectators.

CBS-2 television telecast on Bears-Lions, which meant a lower 2 per cent of Chicago area TV families of Fox-32's and Bears-Lions television just 11 days before.

The Bears-Lions were not expected to be relocated to the 34.4 level of the housing in the Chicago market, the Viking game for the NFC supremacy was at the forefront.

But 27.5 in the afternoon of Thursday, which amounted to a total of 894,000 local homes, was short of 28.1 for Bears-Lions I on November 11.

The tournament of the Day of Turkey was the second afternoon afternoon of the Chicago TV evening this season, and # 39; shifting 27.2 for the extra 14-hour loss of Dolphins, with the best five in the area as a whole in 11 games.

Across the central markets of the country, the national performance of the Bears-Lions II at CBS is based on 14.2 and 34 per cent of housing and television viewing.

Nantz as in dance: CBS & Jim Nantz have a & # 39; try your next sock hop, a fifteen-sixteen ball or toddler that could end when he read the promo cart that talked about his / her; Half-time player, Mike Posner and his band as "amazing".

But Nantz gave other observers another reason to keep his music about his good music, and perhaps for lack of ability, chipping the names of the major motowns.

"Person, where do you start?" Nantz said. "The Jacksons, The Four Tops, Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and the Miracles."

Romo asked if he was reading from a chart, and Nantz just did not; Keeping out of his memory.

"I saw each one of them," said Nantz. "I saw all of them in a concert. Many times."

Right. It may not have been & # 39; means that way, but "Stevie Wonder and the Miracles" made it as if Wonder had eliminated Smokey Robinson.

Then Diana Ross and the Supremes are there.

Maybe Nantz Ros saw and saw the Supremes. But when Ross's group delivered in 1970, when Nantz 11, he did not seem to have seen them together.

After that, the Ross-less Supremes broke up in 1977, when he was 16, and Ross's two-year union tour was with Ross but without a full Supremes supporter after less half of the planned dates.

It is also a mistake to do too many tests, however.

Nantz saw a link to the history of the Bears with his patented end ceremony after a fourth quest questioned; Kyle Fuller game.

"It's probably a Super Bowl that is 2.0," he said.

And although it seems like a "Shuffle," the Tribune Brad Biggs said that the distinctive dance trends were in memory of one of the major Motown groups, The Temptations.

The Prince Amukamara, who came forward with his opinion, Let's know that it's a microphone in the # 39; a member when a team team danced in the background behind him.

Who is a thyme a year? Nantz said Matt Nagy was allowed to pour a spice coach, but Romo did not sound so sure.

What's in secret secret in the prescription of Nagy's grandmother's stuff is to be a bitch, Nantz told the national television audience.

Better than bringing Nagy's third-quarter strategies, they will move. However, there is astonishment about how grandma was going; feel about it.

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