Beatriz Sarlo, very hard with Macri: he is unaware


Essays of theist Beatriz Sarlo They have to talk always. Before Kirchnerism was criticized and today the current government, it came out hard to question his / her; president Mauricio Macri which he said as "ignorant".

"Macri said that everything had been settled in three months: inflation, yield, unemployment. Two or two was a lie or an act of stupid", Shot Sarlo in statements to Radio con Vos. He said: "The economic figures were all, that was hard or sad, not unfortunate."

"The ministers had a thorough scrutiny of the Argentinian situation or they did not hide their judgment," he said.

Sarlo believed that Macri was a politician "inconceivable". "I look as ignorant", he finished.

Then, he responded to the "intellectual" Kirchnerism and Macrismo. "I am one of those who have not previously told me, I made a better debate. Although some of Kirchnerists were criticized, especially in social networks, my conversation with the fascinating well-known mind Kirchner is an open conversation, just as I overlooked the psychologists working in Macrismo, though I was not Kirchner and I'm not macrista. Across the Kirchner I have a conversation with the The officers, with Macrismo keep me in touch with what I know. But their agents are, let's take the intellectual word ", he kept up.

Macri seems to be very uncertain for me "(Beatriz Sarlo)

"To keep an open conversation, you have to avoid the dangers in a bitter argument. If I start to say Macri, I think it's unaware – that is what I'm thinking – but I sat down with Avelluto, it's sure the conversation is not there. One discusses what he thinks is possible to continue. I do not know much about macrismo because It's my world, as I'm going to meet CEOs, "said Sarlo.

On the other hand, the writer said "macrismo has a lot of confidence and then I say it's interesting, what a picture means. All the builders will be built Pictures with everyone, it happened in the G20, a picture that does not mean many investments ".

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