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Beauty Research: Avoiding Sickness of Illness Sugar Syndrome SGLT2

Behavioral friends should be careful to protect the risk from heart failure

The American Heart Heart Society (AHA) recently hosted its annual meeting in Chicago, the United States, and many of the reviews that were being published were published! According to Reuters and Bloomberg, the DECLARE examination of clinical tests of diabetes-related drugs has lasted four years, and as a result of the introduction of up to 17,000 patients, including patients with no cardiovascular disease, appropriate handling assessment and future handling tips A fuller alternative.

Reduce the rate of death rate or hospital level by 17%

For decades, diabetes aims to reduce blood sugar to a specific target. However, diabetes is likely to cause problems, such as myococardial respiratory, optic neuropathy, kidney disease, etc. These include the effects of heavy heart failure, and only 50% survive after five years. So, as the control of diabetes and cardiovascular risk at the same time focuses on doctors and patients.

The DECLARE survey results were published in the United States and was published simultaneously in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study confirmed that drug disorder prevents diabetes of SGLT2 diabetes at the risk of a heart failure or a 17% death hospital compared to placebo, and also reduced the risk of kidney disease. Of course, it is a new perspective for the treatment of diabetes.

SGLT2Increased use of attackers For more sugar friends

The SGLT2, Danilo Verge, senior director of cardiovascular and metabolic management at the SGLT2, said, "Over half of all patients with a heart disease fall within five years, a figure that is equivalent to cancer. "

Dr. Stephen Wiviott, senior researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital, has shown that the new products have made a great deal of progress in the use of SGLT2 to help physicians understand how to order them. In the meantime, the drug was used in patients with heart disease. According to the results, Wiviott said that this new study was helpful to help; Extend drug use to interfere SGLT2 to deal with more patients compared to previous tests with a patient's heart disease.

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