Before checking, the Government representative speaks in & # 39; subordinate conditions in CT, but back


On Monday morning, George Helal, Urubu & Nest, with the State Council for the Protection of Children and Youngsters (CEDCA / RJ) was inspected due to the fire that hit the basic areas , 10 athletes and leaving three wounded.

Before the inspection guide, Márcia Gatto, chairman of the board of Directors of the Council, defined "submissive conditions". But he returned back shortly afterwards.

– What happens to be responsible. The boys were in bad condition, in vessels. We know according to everything that has been shown, not just the anomalies. It is a duty to keep track of everything that includes the child and the young man, "said Márcia Gatto, before joining the Urubu & Nest, which turned back when he was asked how to identify these conditions even before the inspection:

"I think I moved." I'm sorry. Let's let in to see what's like. We should come faster.

This is a & # 39; The first time there was a representative from CEDCA / RJ in the Training Center, which has a Fellowship and Children's Rights Citizens Advice Council Annual Certificate, which Flamengo writes on Saturday. Asked about this fact, Marcia Gatto responded to being independent groups.

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