Before she died 6 weeks ago. Mrs. Diana wants to guard: Will they do it?


The British "Express" newspaper showed amazing information about the fears of her & her; Princess Diana's late death, six weeks before she killed "secret". Mrs. Diana, a wife, Prince Charlie, along with his Egyptian lover Dodi Al Fayed on a jetty in the Mediterranean Sea when she heard the story about the death of the fashion engineer Gianni Versace in the summer of 1997.

According to newspaper, Diana asked her defense agency: "Do you think they'll do the same for me?" In describing her fear of a massive murder.

Frascati was killed by a former employee outside his palace in Miami, and Diana's Princess died six weeks later when he suffered a serious disaster in Paris.

Mrs. Diana had previously disturbed her that she could be killed in royal design because of the unhappy British family with her; young princess.

"They do it when I'm in a small plane, in a car, or in a helicopter," Britain's newspapers went to Diana in a special interview with his friend, Roberto DeForek.

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