Before the beliefs, he went to President Kisk!


More than a month ago, Kuffa was hospitalized in a hospital where spine should be damaged in order. It should be the result of an accident after falling from a horse.

The priest seems to do much better today. And although he got barley, he recently appeared before the loyalists under Tatra in Lendak. This is the Family Charter Charter event.

In more than 45 minutes of control, Kuff has responded to the genitive topic and has also been involved in the & # 39; President Andrew Kisk. "The ones who fight for injuries are called the warriors, and I think it's a fierce and a leader," he said. Think Kuff.

That was not far from the address of his chairman at all. "I have not chosen those people. Kuffa does not speak politically but it's valuable. I do not want you to hate the President against the Lord, but carefully and confidence. Do not empower those people. Although they may have a good illness – the highest trust in the president's Slobhacia. I do not have to choose , " He asked him to disturb Kuff.

Do Kisk, the same as just the queens

"The president for formalists and faculties does not refer to the Bohemians, to uninhabitate their family protection, he is the father of five children and regularly participating in the emigration in Šaštín, "The president responded to the Kuff statement.

Video by Marián Kuff – The route to President Kiska will start in about 30 minutes:

The purple of Kuffa celebrated as a fool

Marián Kuffa had been a couple of minutes ago to comment by the actor Zuzana Fialová. She asked him to have been in the SEDEM television show as a fool, and she returned to her. Kuffa actress feels resting with the bad spirits. Purple gu Kuff expressed during the debate on the law on the rescue of unborn children, which the priest is supporting. But purple said, Kuffa returned to the Middle Ages.

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