Before the election is selected, the security of its public is let the police of North Town be determined on the four seas to help the old man with his / her; case Central News Agency | NOWnews Today News


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Media News Association / NOWnews

(Newspaper Reporter Huang Lizhen, Taipei, 18) In order to clear the pre-election security, North and North Wales Police recently reported that the "Four Seas" members were involved in loan crimes heavy and collecting violent debts. The starting statistics were about 4 people; suffering and the illegal benefits were nearly $ 10 million. After being led, inspired and found, three were arrested.

The Taipei Police Police Criminal Police Group today held a news conference to say that the police could not get from the violent political parties or could not; Lending to participate in the election, and its first team of the Police and Municipal Crime Survey and the Police Branch of Police Station; Town. An old man named Zhang, who is 54 years old and his name "Jun Ge", an old man "is four seas" and it is expected that tobacco industry and alcohol in Keelung Road, Daan District, & # 39; North Town as a cover.

In addition Zhang Nan put the "Four Seas to Help Haijuntang" called the "Judge" to the 47-year-old and 31-year-old called "Axiang" Wu as a # 39; a quarter quarters, and took 7 to 8 years old. The members are a artificial arm, specializing in operating loans, engaged in high-value loans and collecting violent debt for nonprofit companies to get huge profits.

The police said if the victim could not pay the loan as recorded, Zhang and others, as well as calling and calling. sends a short message to frighten the lender, assisted the victim of the company who was suffering from a # 39; frighten the person who was overlooking the site, which was in bad danger and public security at risk.

After reviewing, raising and research, the ad hoc group found that Zhang was afraid of the Taipei President's Office in 1998, and did not appear in the Kuo Mountain area of ​​Taoyuan City. Removing a house, a & # 39; control the order and control behind the scenes, usually with one-way communication with its communications software.

After many months of searching and trying to find evidence, and after going to & # 39; Knowing the place that is suspected and unlawful evidence, the police broke their way on November 8 and attacked at the same time. One of the layers was set down, Zhang Zhi, Yi Nan and Wu Nan were arrested.

At the scene, he also received three pieces of baseball knives, 2 ferries, 3 blue wave skirts, pledge notes, and victims' evidence.

According to police starting statistics, there are about 4 victims and about 10 million yuan of illegal benefits. They are involved in analyzing other victims and their clients. escape from rare performances.

His case was transferred to the Taipei Area Centrarian's Office to investigate the crimes that had been committed; bankruptcy, fear and fortune, and ordered by the Taipei Area Court to be arrested. (Editor: Li Xiwei) 1071118

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