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Before you've elapsed … Learn about Edward Ghada Abdel Razek's letter from the site and Shusha, Saturday 17 November 2018.

Edward was attacked by the artist Abdel Razek, after the fight against the Egyptian media company, so that he did not take up technical work in the next Ramadan.

Edouar sent her a message through her personal account on her blog site: "A famous fault is an artist and audience that tells the words of a dress. A large company, such as the media of the Egyptians, is a unit big, not what I did in the year, the words of this dress. Then you'll work with Tamer Morsi's produce for a year, and have a reason for your life and do Najoumitk eat. Forgotten Keda, But then they disappeared.

Gda Abdel Razek is worth saying that her official statement on the site of "Instagram" pictures and videos says: "O listeners, I'm fighting for a group called Media for the The Egyptians do not want to be busy in the drama year. There are not many people who play and Vkoloa Hncktkm at home And if you ask me to speak in the name of Maine, he Tell you in the name of the army or the information … Is this true … just a question for the center, which is all Baisal Maaia .. This is true and not a lie, answer you and my colleagues and thank you.

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