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Real Madrid is getting time of severity in the season and & # 39; One of their main jewels may be seen as a club in the coming weeks. The daily day As Isco commented, cut by Santiago Solari of the list before Rome. At the Olympics stadium, the Spanishman was destroyed and he never knew where he went after entering the theater stadium in Italy. Unfortunately, unfortunately, being cut off from the duel, the middle park was still abandoned by footballers and sent away when he came from Real to Olympics.

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The athlete has not been used as a Solari startup and can leave Santiago Bernabeu in the coming seasons. The Spanish parties are badly discharged by the Spanish in a 5-1 win on Barcelona at a & # 39; Champ Nou is one of the enemies & The big boy who left the boy disappeared from the beginning.

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Three months after the beginning of the European season, there are only 13 entries in Isco and two goals have been identified. The final goal played by the midfielder was still in September, for the League of the Une, against Roma in Spain.

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