Behind the scenes of the place & Resident Evil 2 & # 39; George Romero will put away


Although we hope there will be a revival in a week EVENITIES OF ACTIVITIES 2 Today, we'll look back to & # 39; shows you an amazing document in the form Behind the chambers that place George Romero rod Evil Resident 2 original

There are over 10 minutes of video in which we can see Romero all before the end of the nine years when we film a site one of the most important games of the creativity.

The last spot was like it was.

In a game, Claire Redfield, a university student in his research for her lost brother, coming into Raccoon City, where he is involved in the center of a zombie dispute that overcomes the city. The position of the dangers that occurs; appearing everywhere, Claire runs in a safe place at the City Raccoon police station.

While it's & # 39; trying to find out on this route, Claire meets Sherry Birkin, a young girl left in the ground underground under the police station. Together, they will face a & # 39; The final ugly leader of the saga and the enemy G. Podrn Claire and Sherry live out of the station or do they have to face more risks? You have to be fighting for long life & # 39; s which you are addressing her & # 39; This living marine and breathing creature.

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With the graphic engine of the RE Engine with Capcom, the remake of Resident Evil 2 offering a version of the ultimate classic horror with a spectacular visual section, immersion audio, a new camera overlooking it; shoulder and new controls as well as the original delivery game modes.

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