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2018-11-25 02:08:41 Source: Beijing Youth Daily

Orson burns the bird. Someone is "included" early in the morning.

The largest army of filmmaking is made up of old people who have been abolished. Some of the unreasonable philosophy is a appear in the bird. Experts say that civilization should be built.

"Big Birds Army" Orson "added a long gun and a" short gun "

Burn the bird in a & # 39; love song / Zhang Qilin

The photographer's team at the Olympics Forest Park has recently taken a wide ranging attention. Unlike the image of the photographer in the traditional idea, his & her; Most of those photographers retired. To kill a bird, some older people will rise at 3 o'clock in the morning and drive to Orson Park to "take" the best place.

When Beijing Youth Daily's reporter visited, I saw that in the morning, several uncle went to a small river at Orson Park and set up a "long gun and a short gun". Although it is a whole, there are occasional sausage fingers to take a line of perspective. Experts recommend that you should not feed fruit and other foods for long-term effects. Burning should not be at # 39; restricting the normal life of birds.

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An old man came to an end; raise the bird's attack at 5 o'clock

Recently, some web browsers uploaded a group of images of "Uncle Birds Ossen Park", which gave him a lot of attention. In the picture, more than one hundred grandfathers and brothers stood down by the river and set up a "long gun and a short gun" to kill the birds in Orson Park.

At 6 o'clock on the morning of November 20, Beiqing Daily's reporter came to the site to see even though the sky was not clear, more than ten photographers gathered near Orson's "Traditional Place". Uncle Liu, who lives near Nanyuan Airport, is a The first time he came here to burn birds. Before that, Uncle Liu had seen many beautiful pictures of birds in Orson's Park on the internet, so it was specially designed to get a good position. , to make an appropriate picture. "I listened to my friends and said I did not get a parking place here. I got up for 3 hours. I came at less than 5:30. I found that I had opened a & # 39; park at 6 o'clock. I was waiting for the car for more than half an hour. When I opened the door, I went. to run over, I'm afraid I can not make a good position late. "

Uncle Liu said that most of the elderly people who are Come here to kill birds in the middle of old people. In particular, older people have nothing after retiring. They will find the pastimes that are & # 39; photography slowly. Everyone will exchange and learn and share photos. "A photographer who started communication in 2014. At that time, I used my single-level access level. After that, I started to shoot birds After learning with a professional teacher, I realized what the gap, camera camera, computer is. It is necessary to know software, bird birds and theoretical theory. "

To kill the bird, Uncle Liu spent some thousands of dew with a full range of professional professional equipment. Uncle Liu told journalists of Beiqing Daily that many of the bird's drawing ideas at the scene were exactly like it was. The equipment was very expensive, and prices usually dropped from ten miles to more than 100,000 yuan. And not just expensive equipment, bird-lovers even want to go into the world to kill birds, it's very common for everyone to travel together in Circle.

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