Beki Cele's office proves that Malema's curse information is available but she can not say when


"I can only confirm the office that gets its risk, In terms of the timeline, I'm not free to say."

A member of a team leader EFF, Veronica Mente, can not tell when the party was "threatened" to a minister; police but say it was "too Happy".

Mente said: "The threat to the life of the CHC has been a long-term case last year and SAPS has been investigating this issue and They even considered security on our president and he protected him.

"So the updates have made the dangers constantly going on the information we get and take it to the police.

"The danger now has changed the way because it is [the] The previous one was something else but the latest one came closer to home because he was going to happen in the house; parliament. "

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