Belarus will promote promotion with simple gain over San Marino to stimulate – Football


Stanislaw Drahun won his fifth goal of his competition and the 10th for his home to Belarus's destination in the eighth minute San Marino frontier, failed to take one point in the League of Nations.

Belarus only did not need to draw a warrant to the main place in which; but they still have an impact on both and their. spend several opportunities to increase their leadership.

Finally they did so early in the second half when Anton Saroka turned into a low cross from the lively Drahun, first with 14 points of six games accidentally.

Luxembourg and Moldova were hoping that they would accept the place of promotion, Their game benefits in addition to losing Belarus in San Marino.

Radu Ginsari hosted Moldova to the forefront of the penalty spot in a 58 minute minute but the destination did not stop long. Stefano Bensi was issued for Luxembourg by breaking his & her; a member out of a string, a & # 39; means that its side was ready in the group at 10 points, length & # 39; Moldova was finishing the campaign on nine. (Statement by Richard Martin Edited by Christian Radnedge)

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