Belarus will provide regular support for the UN and WHO initiatives to be able to; fight with AIDS


November 22, Minsk / Corr. BELTA. The Minister of Foreign Minister of Belarus Andrei Dapkyunas participated in the opening ceremony in Minsk of the second regional meeting on expanding access to high quality and accessible medical and critical medicine tools in eastern Europe and central Asia BelTA from the media service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On his address to the meeting partners, the former head of the Ministry of Belarusian Nations has made the importance of creating an effective healthcare system in the context of the work to achieve the No. 3 objective of a sustainable development agenda "To ensure a healthy lifestyle and a good promotion for everyone at any age."

Andrei Dapkyunas said that Belarus has consistently supported United Nations campaigns, the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, the Global Fund for HIV / AIDS Fight, aimed at attracting the attention of the international community to the need; to fight with AIDS, hepatitis and ban, and to # 39; strengthen collaboration. According to the Belarusian graduate, the treatment of cures to prevent infection diseases such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis and prevention is one of the key elements of achieving everyone's right to the highest level of health protection.

The Deputy Minister noted that, as in other areas of international collaboration, Minsk has been in a position to play in a position, link the efforts of the local nations to strengthen human health protection.

Its first regional meeting has allowed high-quality medicines and at a reasonable price against AIDS, hepatitis and prevention in Minsk in November 2016 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs campaign in Belarus. The current event was organized by the Belarus Health Ministry, UNAIDS and the World Resource to combat HIV / AIDS. -0-

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