16 deaths of the flu virus H1N1 (El Khalfi)

In response to a central question about the spread of H1N1 influenza virus spread in the House of Councilors, El Khalfi said, according to the results of surveys of 656 samples at the National Reference Laboratory under the Ministry of Health, it concluded that the disease situation is similar to those that were registered internationally, and noted that 148 total cases were judged, or 22.6% of the sample.

He also noted that A-type virus generates 97.3% compared to a B virus virus, indicating that 80.6% of virus-specific viruses are type A; H1N1.

In terms of the steps taken on this side, the minister said that the health surveillance and epidemiological surveillance system was strengthened, through a proactive communication campaign, in particular because the system of epidemiological investigation and viral effect on all cases of behavioral emergency diseases during the month of January.

He said that his or her ministry has a detailed information system to continue all cases that have been proven, and Remember this way the launch of a media campaign on that seasonal flu, with an annual program of vaccination campaign for the benefit of all health workers (60,000 respiratory conditions were given to them), as well as Co-ordination by a civil society on the promotion of immunization among high-risk areas, especially people with diabetes.

In this regard, he noted that his influenza vaccine is available and his efforts to be forwarded to citizens, saying that keepers of RAMED cards can be; vaccinated for free. He also reminded the surveillance and movement of the Ministry of Health and its centers, for the rapid and sufficient regulation of all cases of influenza, and the ability to provide the necessary remedy, if necessary .

"The World Health Organization (WHO) has published the same statistical indications as those published by the Kingdom in relation to seasonal flu," he said, saying that the national advocacy work is influenza than an integral part of a global network of WHO cooperative sites, and each year a specimen of viruses identified in Morocco has been given to the global intelligence center in London for genetic fluctuation or genetic change of seasonal flu to find.

He reported that the influenza surveillance system began in 2004, he said, saying that 375 centers are responsible for tracking and moving. virus in all regions and prefectures of the United Kingdom and that is that the total number of people hanging on this system has reached 12 million people.

He noted that there was another diagnostic system for rheumatoid (SARI) people, specifying that samples were taken and submitted to the Laboratory Reference Nàiseanta with eight public health centers in Rabat, Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, Beni Mellal, Oujda and Agadir, as well as through a network of national private clinics.

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