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"A child is love!"

In a Paris-Match long interview, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara affirmed good news, supported photos. " I hardly believe how many … We went up! It was long. Today, we will try to be better people, for our child Explaining the bimbo.

" From October we set up everything! He didn't work, we didn't understand. Nabilla was responsible for a pregnancy test every day! When he finally got there, we were very homesick Thomas is consolidating, previously of Story Secret.

They also mention in this interview about the time Nabilla sent Thomas away in an argument. " We will use this drama to show that he has strong parents, who have all been tested. And when it looks as if it is unbelieving, we will say to him, "If we are successful, you may also succeed." Nabilla explains.

" With our child, we will do what we do, we don't talk about this terrible drama. But if it gets us, we explain to him that one day's battle and his father had a big fight, that they went to the "end of the end". And sometimes, love stories are filled, it happens to people who really love each other. Our child can see we are apart. He is a child of love and is blind. I think he understands. Add to Thomas.

Paris-Match screenshot
Paris-Match screenshot

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