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A free public immunization center opened at Niort hospital

The Niort hospital in Deux-Sèvres provides a new service: a public immunization center. It is a recommendation free vaccination from age six years. The goal is not to replace the treatment of physicians. But to sail "for people who do not have doctors, who do not have access to care because they are in fragile situations", says Dr Simon Sunder, co-ordinator of a public immunization center at Niort.

Antennas are created in spring Bressuire to and to Thouars.

Les Deux-Sèvres, bad student

The commitments are more important as it is "In the Deux-Sèvres, we are not very good"says Laurent Flament, director of the Departmental Health Organization in the department that funds the center. Le Level of vaccine is often lower than in New Aquitaine.

Example for measles: "On the first occasion we have been given to children, we are close to the rates in the department at 90%, even though we are at 88%, and when we go to the second dose we & Falling sharply and we are more than 10 points lower than the national broadcasting level ". In order to be safe from infectious diseases, professionals indicate that a vaccine level must be at least 95%.

Information post

The center's goal is alsoinformation. "There is currently anxiety against vaccines"recognizes Dr Simon Sunder who wants to be sure. He names checks "which shows that there is no connection, for example, between a variety of vaccines and sclerosis". Challenging the doctor because these diseases can come back. "We've just forgotten them".

So far, it's a & # 39; The county council made these initiatives through the PMI, child protection. But it was difficult to employ medical staff.

11 mandatory vaccines

today 11 vaccines are needed : DTP (diphtheria, glas-deud, poliomyelitis), haemophilin influenzae B (bacterium causing pneumonitis and brain fever), cough, hepatitis B, acne, and promo, rubella, meningococcus C (causing mucous bacteria), pneumococcus.

In practice. The center will be accessed by & # 39; Welcoming greetings enough on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 13:30 to 16h and Friday from 9 am to 12 pm. Phone line at

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