A new Sodexo fine

& Belgian

The supplier must again pay Sodexo tax to Flanders, up to 2.7 million euro, since many Florars have not yet moved to electronic service titles. In total, the company has finally paid 14 million in taxes to the Department, reporting Tuesday Het Nieuwsblad and Gazet van Antwerpen. This is true that the cover of the two semen in 2018.

If the use of electronic verbs continues to increase, with two trials (66.81%) in electronic format, the Sodexo company thought that 95% would already be.

"We did not achieve this goal," said Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister, Fife (N-VA). "We're on the way but it can be better and faster."

"We have been in charge of the Flemish agreement to cross the line," said Ben Broeckx of Sodexo. "People are used to it and the paper works well."

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