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A site will create pictures of non-people

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This can make you smile or frighten … A new website allows users to sign into a unlimited library of broken scraps created by artificial information. And they are all more like life.

Creating this site is truly extremely reasonable, and it can clearly be guiding us to ask the question what is true and what is not.

Some of the images are unhappy in some areas, but most of the time it is impossible to know if it's genuine.

Philip Wang, an Uber Software Engineer, explained that he had developed this website by launching the research published last year by Nvidia's fast-embroidery. The researchers of this group confirmed the algorithm capable of creating personal and reasonable clothing.

This autonomous learning algorithm, known as StyleGAN, is the Generative Suitability Network, capable of generating a large number of things, from genetic animals, cartoon characters, even false documents.

The process is only a bit of fingers before it reveals that a real word is true; from us. "Most people do not understand how AI is capable of shaping a future image"Wang said.

A video is defined in a more precise manner as StyleGAN of Nvidia can make people face. demand may be made.

(Look at the video on motion)

Although and the Nvidia research show the remarkable abilities of artificial information, they also have a & # 39; Raising questions about the potential effects of this technology. And it's not always good.

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