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Amazon had a new Kindle: it had the light

There's info

Amazon has just published its "entry level" reader, just called Kindle. His main novel? A joined-up light facility had been added which had previously been out of bounds. The design of this new Kindle, which is higher as a cardia, is also well reworked. No more equipment is changing (display e-Ink 6-inch, Wi-Fi compatibility, 4GB storage).
The ensemble trade takes the price opportunity to increase its new Kindle just 10 euros. The e-reader already orders in white or black at the price of 90 euro (80 euros for those who take screen-top promotional displays).

What does that mean

There are three types of Amazon reading lights: the Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis. By reinforcing the lighting method, the limit between the basic model and the Paperwhite, which is sold from 130 euro, will be produced. It adheres to it, designs at a higher level and, from the last autumn, its strength in water. The screen also displays a better explanation.

The context

With a full range of e-readers taking advantage of the latest technologies in fashion, Amazon and Kobo's leave, the two giants in the book section, a favorable location for competition. Their challenge, French Bookeen, announced his connection with Tite-Live (ePagine), an expert in digital books. He is preparing his response by launching new material due to be planned in September 2019.

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