An incredible lifestyle began to increase the risk of early inpatient cancer

A team of American, Chinese and South American researchers from Harvard and the University of Washington examined the issue of 89,278 American women in the Nurse Health Check II group, the long-term healthcare of the USA threatened a significant continuing disease in the woman.

Researchers focused on a woman's time on the room in front of the television, as well as others responsible behavior, to investigate a possible relationship between long-term sitting and appearance early cancer cancer (proven by 50 years).

The results show that there is a risk to & # 39; colorectal cancer development higher (+ 12%) among those who spent more than one hour sitting on front of the television each day than among those who had a " watching a small television.

For those who did more than 2 hours a day, the risk was up to almost 70%.

These conclusions have been confirmed after the inclusion of BMI and the physical activity of women, even those with any family history.

The link is stronger in case genetic cancer than in colon cancer.

If unmarried lifestyles appear as a factor of risk for colorectal cancer after 50, researchers say this is the first link between antisocial behavior and the particular risk of cancer in men. under 50.

"This inspection could welcome itcelebrate People who have a potentially significant risk found early", says Yin Cao, who is among the main authors of the article.Given that these ideas are independent of BMI and physical activity suggests that self-esteem can be a particular risk for early prehistoric cancer.. "

Early early birth cancer is more common in the United States and around the world. On the other hand, there is a huge decline in the over 50s, especially thanks to the systematization of screening work.

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