Apple could pay a 14-year-old prize to find the adverse effects of a person who received a call in FaceTime

A 14-year-old teenage teenager heard an interesting month-long spread in Apple's FaceTime app. Remember that FaceTime is using a video console developed by Apple for iOS running devices and computers taken by Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later that will allow video and audio calls over internet connection. The damage in a question is highly related to the activity of the FaceTime advocacy group. Indeed, as well as the audio stream that will be broadcast with the microphone from an iOS device that can be, the video stream can be output; is broadcast by the cam of broadcasting the device through FaceTime even if it is not found.

Apple had dealt with the rest of the evidence by & # 39; Ensuring that arrangements have been developed by our team We are aware of this problem and we have released a pattern that will be released as part of a software update, with my voice informed company from his speaker. The company thanked the Grant of Thomson and his family's speech to go to; Try to send a message to her & # 39; company. CNBC's interview on Monday, the young man was surprised that there was no company such as Apple, who says that the director is in secret, and describes how such an application was required. Grant would give any prize from Apple?

In this regard, his mother responded by saying that a senior manager of the company would have been contacted by doing so; thank them first and then Grant said it would be appropriate to make a bonus. They also said that Grant would be suitable for its program. If he got a sort of advantage for what he got, we would definitely have been benefiting him for his college, because I'm going to have it. Thinking it's going long, we hope. This is a region that has previously been interested and so bigger, his mother said in the interview. For some Internet users it is not easy to understand that the company did not do something like that banal. Accordingly, this type of behavior is not allowed when we know that a quality test is paid by a six-figure salary in this type of business.

Grant Thompson, at the same time, would have said he expects to continue to go to # 39; Using occasional Apple products, something like this can escape from engineers and can be accessed by ordinary users such as it. To argue that Grant would have a valuable payment for what he had received, netizen says that; Microsoft gave a child 10 years, a thousand dollars to find any way to steal Xbox accounts. Microsoft gave an award to a 10-year-old who realized that he could steal any Xbox account if he was familiar with his / her password, he wrote to record his words.

In terms of Apple, others are missing if there are just enough excuses to forget this abduction. Yes, there is no proof that people would not be willing to use their & # 39; prey for filthy purposes. According to that, Apple should accept this opportunity to be able to help; Grants to keep testing their materials and telling them about possible insects. What they say is lacking corporate confidence or lack of food notions that encourage tenants to work in the screen. Apple is committed to improving the process with which users will " Receive and report tax reports to ensure that communication with the right people is as soon as possible; as possible.

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