Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Axa: 100 inlays will be paid to stay at home

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One hundred employees over 60 will have the opportunity to stay at home while they are at home. enjoying a portion of their salary, reporting Friday L Echo and De Tijd. The bank, with 850 workers in Belgium, opposes the devolution of federal government.

The government wants to continue to work older the staff longer. A beautiful system called "bonus of operation" – even set up to prevent companies from early departure permissions.

At Axa, a number of people have called for an early departure plan, as explained by the Belgian Chief Peter Devlies. "Many people believe that the world and technology are growing faster and that they are struggling to take all of these changes (…) We made a recommendation optional for them. "

A hundred who reach 60 years will be able to leave their company while & # 39; they receive 50% of the salary, which can be completed by time credits. "

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