Bierset: It was expected that a person would be killed with his mind


Although arrest certificates were confirmed, reorganization is taking place in May

The Liège Council Chamber confirmed the guarantees that were arrested for Damien Nagy, 28, and Michel Den Hondt, a 40s in suspicion of murdering Emile Bauwin, a 60-year-old man in charge of Area Command. giant in Liège.

In May 4, 2018, a telephone phone was discovered in a Sclessin garage. The researchers fulfilled the roles of telephones helped by Damien Nagy and his neighbor, Michel Den Hondt, both in Sclessin. The inspectors found the body of Emile Bauwin without a life in a shed in Bierset.

The story of how the man had died was removed shortly before his body was recovered. The victim was struck by a hammer and stabbed. Damien Nagy had made headlines in some of the media after the loss of dramatic weight and to be similar to John Somerhalder, Vampire diary-maker. Damien Nagy is blaming his neighbor, Michel Den Hondt.

According to the man, the last person to overcome the victim was. The victim would be alive at transport. It would be Michel Den Hondt who would have ordered his help to carry the body in this hanger of Bierset. The victim was said to have been hit. A disappearance by Michel Den Hondt who is denying they are involved in the truth.

Michel Den Hondt is the only person known for his organs. The victim's place was victims of suffering and was burned. A false rumor said the victim had suffered at Lotto. Restoration was said at the beginning of May, but the lawyers will already be busy at the Assize Court, which will deal with Valentin's murder. Therefore the re-filling should take place at the end of May.

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