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Carlos Ghosn says that he has "responsibility" for the current situation in registration


Former Carlos Ghosn, who was later arrested in Japan, has recorded a message to "give those responsible for what has happened" and it will be broadcast " Soon, his wife said in an interview in the Journal du Dimanche (JDD).

Mr Joe, the chief executive of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, was arrested on Thursday morning in his home in Tokyo because of new suspicions of severe financial hardship, little one month after being released. trust.

Again arrested, after 108 days behind bars, Gosn on the previous day had announced his intention to hold a press conference on 11 April to "tell the truth of the facts of the matter." is happening. "

"When he discovered that he was to be arrested, he recorded a Skype interview for TF1 and LCI," said Carole Ghosn for JDD. "He recorded the video in English where he took the opposite form. He was wanting to mark those with responsibility. This is his lawyers, who will be released at the trial." 39, very soon, "he said. promised in.

Ms Ghosn, who was present at the time of the arrest, said she returned to France despite releasing their passport from Libya with Japanese police, using the Japanese rebellion. is another American travel document, American.

He confirmed his. She wished not to be "above the law but to be judged impartially (…) I want absent leave to embrace the innocence of any man from France and t is asking the President of the Republic ".

On an earlier Saturday, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian told Japan to honor the rights and beliefs that they were innocent in Carlos Ghosn during an interview with his person. T from Japan on the lines of the G7 meeting at Dinard.

The new behavior, Mr Ghosts, is inspired by suspicion of carrying money from Nissan to the "de facto managed" company, via a republican company from overseas. with the floor.

Carlos Ghosn is already under three inward investments: two for adverse income representation in years 2010 to 2018, in Nissan documents submitted to the financial authorities, and one for breach of the financial statements. trust.

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