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Delhaize employs! – The DH


Delhaize The Lion is launching a major recruitment campaign to employ 1,000 new staff as team leaders and (asset helper) leaders.

Delhaize is arranging a night for Dutch speakers on 23 April in Vilvoorde and an evening for French speakers on 25 April in Wavre, and those interested in a career as a manager will take part. help to find how Delhaize will work.

In addition, anyone with an interest in a team leader role can become familiar with the supermarket mass market on 7 May (NL) or on 9 May (FR). “Delhaize has developed a modern concept to creatively showcase the company, its strategy and content to applicants. In order to assess whether suitable candidates were for the post of team leader, cookery workshops will be provided, with a focus on Food directly at the heart of Delhaize's work, and there are also the ways in which people work together and communicate. teaching a lot about him, ”explains the chain of supermarkets.

Delhaize aims to complete the 1,000 posts again this year.

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