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Drinking a bottle of wine is a week like wearing 10 cigarettes

In a survey published in March 28 in the journal BMC Public Health, a team of researchers is showcasing the increase in cancer risk in men and women wearing wear a bottle of wine every week. Why compare with cigarettes? According to them, they are giving access to smoke like this, it can affect the public's attitude, very simple.

In its publication it states: "This survey is the first attempt to establish well-established and well-established links between cancer and tobacco. […] to date they have not reached most of the public. "Certainly everyone is aware smoking is increasing the risk of cancerbut not so terrible. Hearing that a certain amount of alcohol is strongly equivalent to some cigarettes about the risk of cancer that the general public may find, according to the researchers.

Women are at greater risk

The group's aim was to demonstrate that there was even even strong alcohol consumption, the risk of cancer is always elevated. According to the survey, women are at an increased risk of drinking. The researchers explain this difference between men and the higher risk of breast cancer in women. "These results can help make clear that middle drinking is a serious threat to women's public health."

Compare how accurately the same disease can be

However, the researchers say the survey says that average spending is not like smoking. The research simply did • The risk of cancer and not other health problems, such as heart disease. The aim is to make it as realistic as possible against the same disease. For percentage percent, wine wine increases cancer risk by 1.4% in women and 1% in men.

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